Feb 8, 2012

Pinterest and YHL Challenge

I'm an avid reader of Young House Love. I adore their site, their passion for home projects, blogging and of course their adorable daughter. And ever since Justin and I became home owners, I have this overwhelming feeling of making our house a home. I want to knock down walls, put walls up, move things around, open things up, replace this and that and decorate decorate decorate. But wait? I'm not rich.

I can't just go doing what I want when I want because Justin was pretty strict at first. His one rule: no hanging anything on the walls until we re-texture and paint! He was such a party pooper because I had all these pins that I just wanted to DO. I was itching for projects but everything involved hanging BUT we painted and I've been putting my pins to good use.

But, what does YHL have to do with all this of mumbo jumbo? Well, if you read their site, they started their own little challenge called "Dude, Get On That Already" and I'm putting myself up for the challenge as well. Some stuff I have lying around our house, some items I have to go buy. But for me, I just needed a reason to get my butt in gear and start doing the projects that I've pinned.

And the other night, I made this :) A photo collage mainly of our bug with some pictures of myself and Justin thrown in there. All I needed was 2 form core boards, mod podge, brushes, pictures and some command damage free hanging strips. I bought extra items though. Like one of those rulers that cuts pictures because I wanted to make sure my cuts were as straight as possible. And then other projects supplies. Our board warped a ton and it would not stay on the wall so we used finishing nails to secure them and you can't even see them, even up close. It's not perfect, some pictures are crooked but that doesn't matter to me. I absolutely love it.

I've also managed to turn 3 beer bottles into vases, wrapped with hemp and last night, I made my own liquid hand soap and laundry detergent.