Dec 28, 2011

Christmas and an Adoption Hearing!

Phew! Christmas was a breeze and I'm kind of glad it's over and done with. We went to so many family functions and Laila received way too many toys, just like her birthday. Our dining room turned playroom is packed and looks like a tornado went through it. It's sad to think that in a couple days, after the new years, I'll have to take down our Christmas tree and all our Christmas decor. *sniffle* I love Christmas and what I also love is having the time off from work to spend it with my family.

Speaking off, having the last 4 days off really set something off inside me. It made me really realize how much I wish I could stay home with Laila and it brings tears to my eyes. Especially since I've been frusturated with certain aspects of my job but hey, that's what being a grown up is about right? Justin and I need both of our incomes. So I'll be stuck sitting behind this desk, eyes glued to the computer for the next couple...months? years? forever? who knows.

Another fun and exciting event that went on this weekend: My parents adopted again! The official court hearing was yesterday which unfortunately I missed almost the whole thing. Had to tend to a cranky toddler that was getting evil looks, out in the hallway. Afterwards, everyone headed to my parents church to celebrate with some lunch, presents, and cake. It was a really great time and I am so excited for her to finally be in our family!

I have to get around to editing and posting all the pictures from Christmas and the adoption. It's just been a busy time for us. Hang in there!

Dec 23, 2011


This year has come and gone just like that and I still can't believe that over a year ago, I gave birth to the sweetest little girl ever.

It's just so crazy to know that this time last year, I was cuddling with my old month old, who needed me to do everything for her. Now, my almost 13 month old has become so independent. She runs around the house, dances, babbles all day long, insists on pulling ornaments off the tree, helps wraps presents then unwraps them the second she realizes no one is looking at her. Hides things in the garbage can, and so much more. But she is still my baby and always will be.

I love this age.

Anyways, Christmas is right around the corner and I feel...rushed. I wasn't expecting this time to sneak up so quickly on us. I still have some presents to pick up and wrap and the cookies we made yesterday have to be decorated today. We'll also being going to my dads parents house tonight for some Christmas time and yet today is a work day for me, only till 1:30 though.

I just need time to slow down and that is not going to happen. Nope. Never.

But, I'll me mia for the next couple days. I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!

Dec 15, 2011

I've been MIA for some time now and I figured it's time I share what's been going on. Err, that just sounded like I was giving bad news. Hmm, nope no bad news here...except that I just got over the flu and it came out of nowhere! All the sudden I woke up at 2:38 a.m. went to the bathroom and puked, went back to bed, woke up in the morning and sat, and sat oh and sat SOME MORE on the toilet (tmi?) and then went to work. Puked at work, looked like death, was sent home after being there an hour, puked and sat more more on the toilet. Ugh, my body was weak. I could barely walk, pick things up, I was not functioning. Oh and blood showed up. And a fever. Some shivering. Some sweats. Horrible horrible horrible!

Anywho, Laila had her one year appointment December 2 - the day before her birthday party! She's 20 pounds, um can't remember her height and apparently here head shrunk? It'll get remeasured at her next appointment, she just was not too interested in having something wrapped around her noggin' and I don't blame her! Which resulted in a screaming, wiggling back and forth baby while I frankly try and hold tight to make sure she doesn't fall out of my arms. Are one year olds really that strong?!

Shots - oh the dreadful shots. I for sure thought I was going to start crying. This was the worst ever, she's learned that when there are two nurses getting stuff ready that it's time for shots. It was horrible. 2 shots in on her right leg went quickly but the 1 shot on her left leg didn't go so well, she couldn't keep Laila's leg held down too well to get the shot and ended up pricking her and having to redo it. Of course it was a shot that had to sting and she shrieked. eeekkkk. It was horrible. I swooped her up as sooooonnnn as I could. :[ The whole thing just felt so unfair for Laila :[

The next day came so fast and I was rushing to get things done. Good thing Laila napped and hour and a half before her party started. I had to wake her up when all the people started showing up! Everything was a blast and I took in every moment I could, trying not to stress over the little things. Here are some photos from the party.

This is on November 30th - the day she turned 1. Justin put some ice cream on her plate with her cupcake. Too cold ice cream resulted in this face but isn't it still the best face ever!??!! I giggle every time I see this :]

December 3rd - opening birthday presents in front of our Christmas Tree (which she won't stop touching now) 

Pointing at her cake but being such a good girl waiting patiently.

Smearing it all over her face, which took her a while to do. She was gently touching her cake when we first brought it out to her. 

"What is this stuff all over my hands?"

The birthday girl had a blast and actually had to go down for a nap maybe 15 minutes after her cake and people were still gettin' their party on, haha. She received a boat load of toys and they're currently overtaking our formal dining room which has been her playroom ever since we moved in.. I still can't believe I have a one year old. How is that? Can someone turn back time so I can re-live all those precious newborn moments? Nope? I didn't think so. But, I sure will enjoy all these precious moments of my one year old. Love you my dear Laila.


cool fact: Laila's name means "dark haired beauty" which I find beautiful. Here's to hoping she has dark hair like myself (she already has my curly hair...on the back of her head)

Dec 5, 2011

Laila's Birthday Party

I was a complete mess the day of Laila's birthday party. I couldn't stop worrying about anything and everything. I kind of felt like I wanted to pull my hair out and fast forward to the end of the day.

I was worried where people would park and if they'd complain because we live on a busier street. I was worried about food and if there would be enough. I was worried about having 20+ people in our home, since this is the first time all of our family has been in our house at once. I was afraid it wouldn't be clean enough or as "put together" since we have nothing on the walls, paint swatches in various rooms but really, no one seemed to mine.

And I stressed over no reason. We had plenty of food! Yes, there were some issues with parking but it didn't ruin our day. The only thing I was hoping for, was some sunshine. Instead, we got rain. Bleh.

Laila received so many nice toys. Clothes, puzzles, Violet, a phone, a laptop, a popper, magnets, bath stickys and many many more toys. She didn't really open her gifts as much as I thought she would. Probably because she was distracted by the new toys that were already opened? Didn't matter though, she was all smiles. And when it came time for her cake, at first she wasn't too interested. She'd stick her fingers in it, look at them and wonder what all the stuff was. "hmm, this tastes good, i'll just stick my whole hand in there now and shove it in my face" that's pretty much how it went. Not too bad!

Shortly after her cake, she was ready for a nap and her party wasn't even over, there was still maybe 20 minutes left. But, Justin cleaned her off and layed her down. I didn't want to force her to stay awake. She was beat and ended up sleeping till 5:30 after going down around 2:40ish. No bigger, gave me time to completely open all her toys and clean up.

I have yet to edit all of the pictures taken from her birthday and her party. I promise I'll get around to it, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!