Jan 31, 2010

Full Of Life

I feel amazing. Super energized and full of life!! :]
Starting tomorrow, I have officially been on my diet for a week and I can't wait to start a new week and keep this up. I was going to slack today and give myself a break from exercising but I decided not to and am completely glad with my decision. Every time I work out I feel amazing and completely energized and ready to work out more!! But I won't do that because to much exercising will completely kill me. I always feel like jello afterwords and look all funny walking around because my legs always seem to want to collapse on me. It's some funny stuff. I think I might buy an elliptical or treadmill, most likely a treadmill because it gives me the option of walking or running. 
Last night I confronted Justin about something he said while we were at his parents house. He was talking about my dieting and exercising and said he doesn't think it was safe for me eating few calories with the amount of working out I do. And for some reason it just hurt my feelings. I didn't want him announcing to his family that I am dieting and exercising. I just wish he would have confronted me in private. At the end of it all I ended up feeling ashamed for what I am doing, when I am doing it to feel good about myself. But he apologized...which he didn't have to even do. I just want him to be there for me while I am doing this! Which is he. He's amazing, most wonderful guy ever. I couldn't imagine my life without him. I am so blessed to have him in my life.
Anyways, time for me to finish up laundry and get some other house chores done. Not to mention Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is on. One of the best movies ever!


Jan 30, 2010


So I've been struggling lately with my weight lately.. I'm just not happy when i see those numbers on the scale and have to look at myself in the mirror. So, I decided to change that and now I am on my 6th day of dieting and exercising and in all honesty it's been hard. I've been eating less calories and I try to eat mostly fruits and veggies. And I never realized how good fruits tasted until now :] Veggies on the other hand are not something that I am enjoying. I've never really liked veggies growing up and the smell of them always bothered me but I have decided to eat as much of them as I can...for myself and for my health.

I've always decided to start working out. I decided to do Winsor Pilates Ab Sculpting since I really want to work on my stomach because it's the one part that absolutely disgusts me. I've always decided to do Taebo because it's a fast paced cardio workout for my whole body which really gets my heart pumping. I decided to buy the Ultimate Taebo which has a 90 minute workout as well as a BONUS TURBO CHARGED BURNER which is 30 minutes long. And today was my first day of doing Taebo and I decided to do the bonus workout because I had already finished Pilates, plus I didn't know what to expect with Taebo and I didn't know if I could keep up with a 90 minute video without passing out. Well, let me tell ya, the 30 minute video kicked my butt. I never knew how out of shape I was until this video and it kind of lowered my self-esteem :[ but I know if I keep it up, I'm sure I will feel more confident about myself and my body. Easier said than done.

I'm the type of person who gives up if they don't see results within a week, who could spend all day in front of a scale, constantly weighing herself, and the girl who would eat much less calories if it wasn't for her boyfriend reminding her to eat.

But this time, I won't give up. I'll fight. I have faith in myself. I know I can do this.