Sep 30, 2011

MyMemories Giveaway Winner!

Thank you all who participated in MyMemories Giveaway! And now, the best part...time to reveal the winner.

According to, Etosia, you are the WINNER!!!!!!!!! I'll e-mail you the details for your free software :]

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Sep 29, 2011

It's Official!!

Buying a home is stressful but such a happy happy time. Especially, since it's the home our child(ren) will grow up in, lets hope, because I never ever want to see that many trees wasted. Seriously, there is SO much paperwork involved in buying a home. And the packing only to unpack it, kind of sucks. Because now you have to find a place for all that stuff to go. But I'm so incredibly happy.

But, I'm glad we got the paperwork out of the way. Time to just unpack everything and I'm working today and tomorrow. I wish the weekend would come faster.

Here are some photos my mother took, from a cell phone. I definitely did not have time to take pictues, ya know, cause I was busy moving and dealing with a baby that was OVER-TIRED! Poor girl, too much commotion, she would not sleep.


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Sep 26, 2011

packing away

We officially close on our house in TWO days. Woohoo!!! I am SO excited, Justin and I have been waiting for this day for a long time and it's finally here. And to be honest, we weren't sure we would be moving because we ran into some issues with our loan.

But we've been packing like c-r-a-z-y lately and I am so tired of it already. I just want to be done and into our home.

our kitchen yesterday, just a bunch of random items + boxes that got shoved into the basement for months/years.

all those darn boxes were in Laila's way of pushing around her toy, she didn't mind, she found joy in crashing into them.

this last picture has nothing to do with moving but who cares, Laila is too cute to not post a picture of and do you see her holding onto her extra paci? ya know, just in case her other falls out and she has another to save her day. that's my baby.

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Sep 23, 2011

MyMemories Giveaway!!

Happy Friday!!!!! I have something that I sure hope will make your day better. A GIVEAWAY!!

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Sep 22, 2011

a to z about me

I've seen this on numerous blogs the past coulpe days, and since I suck suck suck at blogging, I thought I'd do this but it definitely doesn't make up for my lake of posts. Sorry!

A. Age: 21
B. Bed Size: Queen
C. Chore you hate: dishes dishes dishes
D. Dogs: Mykenzie, pittbull-boxer mix and yes, she is the sweetest dog I have ever met.
E. Essential start to your day: peeing, that's absolutely the first thing I have to do
F. Favorite Color: pink and blue
G. Gold or Silver: white gold or silver
H. Height: about 5'2"
I. Instruments you play: sadly, none but when I was in middle school I played the flute!
J. Job Title: sales & service assistant
K. Kids: Laila
L. Live: West Bend, WI
M. Mother's Name: Sally
N. Nicknames: Jessie, haha
O. Overnight hospital stays: first induction (failed) second induction (a baby was born)
P. Pet Peeves: dirty piles of clothes lying everywhere, shoes in the house
Q. Quote from a Movie: "Why can't you be happy for me, and then go home and talk about me behind my back like a normal person?" Bridesmaids.
R. Right handed or Left handed: right. i couldn't even attempt to right with my left.
S. Siblings: 1 older sister, 1 older brother,  3 younger brothers and 1 younger sister. I was adopted
T. Time to wake up: work days = 5am. weekends = 6:30 am. Laila likes it early.
U. Underwear: thongs, boy shorts, none (?) haha whatever is comfortable
V. Vegetables you hate: i hate almost all veggies.
W. What makes you run late: Laila or my non-determination to get ready
X. X-rays you have: teeth and elbow
Y. Yummy food that you make: I love to cook but I'm not the greatest, lol. But my stuffed pepers are pretty delicious.
Z. Zoo animals: i love me some giraffes.

Sep 13, 2011

Minnesota Wildfire

As you know or didn't know, I live in Wisconsin. And right now this is what is going on. So we're all hanging out inside the house away from the smell of smoke. Sure hope everything+all animals areA-OK in Minnesota!!!

Minnesota Wildfire Impacts Wisconsin Air Quality

MADISON, Wis. -- Some people in Wisconsin are smelling smoke from a wildfire in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Minnesota.

The fire started on Aug. 18 after a lightning strike. By Sunday, the fire had grown to about 4,500 acres. A lack of rain and unfavorable conditions have made fighting the fire difficult, according to the National Weather Service.

As of Tuesday, northwesterly winds starting bringing smoke into Wisconsin and some parts of northern Wisconsin have reported falling ash and reduced visibility due to the smoke, NWS officials said.

Satellite images show the plume of smoke heading over Lake Superior on Sunday. The winds on Tuesday have pushed that smoke south, officials said.

The smoke could affect air quality over the next few days. The elderly, children and those with respiratory or cardiac problems are advised to take care.

The U.S. Forest Service said the Pagami Creek forest fire near Ely, Minn., has more than tripled in size since Sunday and has grown to cover more than 16,000 acres.


Sleep was always a touchy subject for us. I got tired of hearing all these new parents brag about their 1 month old sleeping thru the night. I desperately missed sleep and was getting more irratated and felt unlucky. Selfish of me, right?

But now that my daughter is 9 1/2 months old, things are 100% better. She doesn't need a bottle to go to bed, she doesn't need her swing, or to be held and cuddled, she doesn't need her pacifier, she doens't need to sleep in our room.

Before, she needed all that and sometimes more. We would give her a bath, read a story or play with a couple toys, give her her bottle and swing her to sleep. It worked perfectly, but I think we were forcing her to go to bed when she wasn't completely ready, which could have been the reasoning for her always waking up in the middle of the night. Or maybe we weren't keeping her active enough. But, I could be completely wrong. Those babies work in mysterious ways.

And now, things are amazing. She no longer is in our room and this was the toughest part for me, not waking up 4+ times in the middle of the night. I hated not having her right there in her pack n play or in our bed. But, I think the noise in our room was affecting her sleep, in a poor way. So, after much much talking, we decided to move her to her own room. And this has been the best decision, for ourselves and Laila. She sleeps much more peacefully and longer (which is a plus) and most nights, she doesn't wake up in the middle of the night. But, for the first couple of days, she was waking up 4+ times a night. I wouldn't pick her up, I would lay her on her back, rub her forehead and sing her a lullaby. 10 seconds later, she was out. This was repeated numerous times a night and eventually she got the hang of it.

Last night, on our way home from grocery shopping, she feel asleep. I had to wake her up because she desperately needed a bath. So, I got her bath all ready, took her out of the carseat, undressed her and sat her in the tub. She looked at me like I was nuts for waking her up. Which I was, but my baby was dirrtttyyy. Bath ended, Laila was dressed and in her crib she went. No crying, no paci. Nothing. She just went to sleep. She's able to put herself to sleep now and most of the time, she doesn't even cry. She coos. So adorable.

So, all in all. Sleep is going great with Laila and myself. But, I'm a little nervous to see if this will continue once we move into our new 2 weeks!!!

Sep 1, 2011

All About Laila: 8 Months

Holy moly! I have a 9 month old!! Times sure flies and I have to say, I wish it would just slow down. Here is everything to know about my darling at 8 months. And this month has been amazing.

Weighing in at 17 pounds but still wears a lot of 3-6 and 6 month clothes as well 9 months. Size 3 diapers.

Still eating 6 ounces every 3 hours...sometimes longer depending on when she takes her nap(s)

Absolutley loves to feed herself and will eat anything that's in site. The list of food that she has tried in the last month is outrageous.

Normally sleeping through the night (bed at 8:30 up by 6:30) w/ 2 naps during the same (most of the time)

Bath time is around 7:30 followed by a massage, some playtime, books and then in the swing she goes with a bottle. And at first, we never did mind the whole bath/bottle/swing thing goin' on but now we are kind of wishing she wouldn't need the swing/bottle to fall asleep. And don't get me wrong, she will fall asleep without a bottle but it is rare. And we can never just put her down in her crib while drowsy, she'll scream until you pick her up.

She is back to sleeping in our room in her pack n play and we have actually decided that we'll be doing this for a year but you never know, that could change, especially now that she will have a nice large room.

She has 7 teeth. 3 on bottom and 4 on the top. My little chomper and those suckers are sharp. No wonder she no longer wants to chew on her own hands/feet but if you let her chew on yours, she has no problem. haha

Can say "mama" "dada" "papa" "hi" "bye" "baba". She can sign up and more

She is crawling extremely fast, like "where did my baby just go" fast. It's incredible how quickly she moves. Definitely enjoys cruising around on furniture.

When she hears daddy come in the door, she immediately crawls from the living room all the way to the entry way, super fast, making a very weird "I just ran a mile" pant. Adorable

She is so so very in love with our dog, Mykenzie and will always look for her while she's eating. I think she secretly gives the dog food she doesn't like. If Mykenzie is on the floor, Laila will crawl up to her and pet  hit her, we still have to teach her how to be gentle.

She knows what "no" means and sometimes chooses to ignore it, other times, she'll stop doing whatever you say no too. Like playing with outlets, cords, dog food, computers, etc.

She is currently getting over a very nasty cough/cold and has been on Amoxicillin for a couple days now. This is the first time that we've ever had to go to the doctors to get medication. Other times, she was better within a day or two. But this one seems to be lingering forever.

Her favorite book at the moment is "A Wocket in my Pocket" She loves her toy cell phone (but still prefers mine), loves her Leap Frog Learn & Grove Table. Best thing ever.

She just started this...but...she can go from a sitting position to a standing position!!! Although, she falls down in a couple seconds but's pretty amazing!!
Loves playing peek-a-boo, it's become one of her new favorite games
Loves swinging
Addicted to her pacifier
Loves sippy cups (although we are trying to transition her to a new one but she just won't give up her current Nuk one)
Will help with pulling out all the clean, folded laundry
Is not as shy as she use to be and isn't as afraid of strangers
Loves going for walks
Addicted to goldfish and puffs
She has a beautiful smile and a beautiful personality
Is way too smart
Does belly flops in the bath tub (and has never pooped in the tub) :]
Enjoys playing with every objec that is not a toy