Feb 10, 2010

Winter Wonderland?

Yesterday, February 9, 2010
There is snow everywhere!
At first I'm fasinated with how pretty in looks but then once I drive in it, I come to realize why I tend to hate it so much. See, I live on a hill and driving down the hill with snow covered all over it, is a car accident waiting to happen! Maybe I should invest in some new tires??? I think so.
The good side of all the snow is I get to leave work in 10 minutes...but then I'm back to driving in it. JOY! And it's hella crazy outside right now and I have a feeling plow trucks aren't out..since they weren't even out at 7 A.M.
Ugh, what a world.
Driving home, I had lots of troubles! I couldn't make it up a hill which was very scary for me because I did not want to have to back up all the way down and then have the fear of being hit or hiting another car, but luckily after about 10 minutes I made it up! I really hate my car. It's no fun, then Justin and I had lots of shoveling to do. Well, I shoveled, he used the snow blower. Oh! And our dog, Mykenzie decided to poop right on the driveway!!! I guess she couldn't tell where the grass was and where the driveway was seeing how everything was covered in snow! But, it kind of made me laugh.
I felt like crap yesterday...horrible cramps, I swear there no fun. But I'm sure every women has that problem. :(

Today, February 10, 2010
Yay for sleeping in!! I was so glad that I didn't have to be at work by 7 A.M. this morning. Instead, I had to be there at 9 A.M. Which gave me 2 extra hours to sleep. But since I was already awake...I had a hard time falling back asleep, so make that only an extra hour to sleep in.
Yesterday I decided not to work out at all, which really bumbed me because I was really proud of myself for dieting and exercising everyday...and then I just slipped up. Had some Little Ceasers Pizza (which made me sick) and I only did Pilates...then the next couple days went by and I skipped Taebo. I really was hoping I wouldn't get into this type of habit. I'll just have to try harder and really focus and push myself. RAWR! I'm hoping I can stick to it.

Boss just called. I get to leave work. Time to go home and do Pilates and Taebo!!


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