Jul 15, 2011

our weekend

This weekend was definitely one of my favorites in a while. There was a ton of family time, movie time and then a whole lot of baby time. Of course. There was even a lot of fussiness mixed in with the giggles and cookouts but that didn't stop us from enjoying every second of it...even if we did have a screaming baby.

Laila went swimming in a big pool for the first time. Poor girl wasn't to sure about this big scary and semi cold place so she would try to crawl up her daddy.

She eventually warmed up when the kids gave her some toys to play with and as long as she was moving, she was content.

It was a great time and after swimming we cooled down with some delicious gold fish...she loves those things.

baby feet are just adorable!

I love weekends like these. They remind me what's important and family gatherings give me a great excuse to pig out. Lets just say I ate too much ice cream cake and chocolate eclair cake. But since then I've been working my butt off with P90X and Jillian Michaels.

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