Oct 21, 2011


Photography never use to be a passion of mine, in fact, I never really cared to take a single picture. I'd snap photos here and there of random things going on in my life but didn't give photography a second thought.

Then I got pregnant, and then Laila was born, and oh my gosh, I knew I had to get a DSLR and capture every breath taking moment of my daughters life. I eventaully got one when she was maybe a month or two old.

My camera scared me, intrigued me, I wanted to learn more but at the same time, I was afraid to use it. What if I managed to break it, afterall, I am clumsy.

Anyways, there is always this huge huge part of me that wants to venture out with my camera and become something more, something greater with it. Maybe start a business? I always tell Justin, "I wish I could be a pro photographer and stay home"

I highly doubt I will ever get there because I am not that great! I try to read up but finding the time can be HARD. Ah, excuses are lame.

To help me learn, I started taking the Proud Photography Course. I originally saw it on DPS.com (which is an awesome sight, thanks Sonya!) I wanted to learn more and I love anything online. Buuttttt, I am only on lesson 1 and I joined MONTHS ago, I just haven't had the time. But now, you bet your butt, I am going to get learning with that class. And so far, I do love it. The site it easy to use and it's very informative. I just have to stick to my plan and finish it, especially since I did pay for it!

Lets hope I can stick to this, because I have a love for photography. I want to capture those beautiful moments in my life, in others lives. I just need to start small and stick to my class, oh, and get out there and take pictures!!

**I was not paid or perked in any way to talk about the Proud Photograhy Course**

2 lovely comments:

Sarah said...

can i just say if i wrote a post labeled photography and told my story it would be word or word the same. When I got pregnant I purchased a dslr too. I spent months learning how to use it so i could take awesome shots of my little one and now I want to start a business. I actually have been taking pictures for couples, seniors, babies and i am doing my first wedding in feb!

Hope you learn all that you want to and become a great photographer!

Sonya Marie said...

you can doooo it!! I'm backin you up sistah! <3