Dec 23, 2011


This year has come and gone just like that and I still can't believe that over a year ago, I gave birth to the sweetest little girl ever.

It's just so crazy to know that this time last year, I was cuddling with my old month old, who needed me to do everything for her. Now, my almost 13 month old has become so independent. She runs around the house, dances, babbles all day long, insists on pulling ornaments off the tree, helps wraps presents then unwraps them the second she realizes no one is looking at her. Hides things in the garbage can, and so much more. But she is still my baby and always will be.

I love this age.

Anyways, Christmas is right around the corner and I feel...rushed. I wasn't expecting this time to sneak up so quickly on us. I still have some presents to pick up and wrap and the cookies we made yesterday have to be decorated today. We'll also being going to my dads parents house tonight for some Christmas time and yet today is a work day for me, only till 1:30 though.

I just need time to slow down and that is not going to happen. Nope. Never.

But, I'll me mia for the next couple days. I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!

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