Dec 5, 2011

Laila's Birthday Party

I was a complete mess the day of Laila's birthday party. I couldn't stop worrying about anything and everything. I kind of felt like I wanted to pull my hair out and fast forward to the end of the day.

I was worried where people would park and if they'd complain because we live on a busier street. I was worried about food and if there would be enough. I was worried about having 20+ people in our home, since this is the first time all of our family has been in our house at once. I was afraid it wouldn't be clean enough or as "put together" since we have nothing on the walls, paint swatches in various rooms but really, no one seemed to mine.

And I stressed over no reason. We had plenty of food! Yes, there were some issues with parking but it didn't ruin our day. The only thing I was hoping for, was some sunshine. Instead, we got rain. Bleh.

Laila received so many nice toys. Clothes, puzzles, Violet, a phone, a laptop, a popper, magnets, bath stickys and many many more toys. She didn't really open her gifts as much as I thought she would. Probably because she was distracted by the new toys that were already opened? Didn't matter though, she was all smiles. And when it came time for her cake, at first she wasn't too interested. She'd stick her fingers in it, look at them and wonder what all the stuff was. "hmm, this tastes good, i'll just stick my whole hand in there now and shove it in my face" that's pretty much how it went. Not too bad!

Shortly after her cake, she was ready for a nap and her party wasn't even over, there was still maybe 20 minutes left. But, Justin cleaned her off and layed her down. I didn't want to force her to stay awake. She was beat and ended up sleeping till 5:30 after going down around 2:40ish. No bigger, gave me time to completely open all her toys and clean up.

I have yet to edit all of the pictures taken from her birthday and her party. I promise I'll get around to it, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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