Apr 15, 2010

blah blah bloopity

I have 1.5 hours left at work and I am miserable.
*My bra is wayy too tight, even though I losened it all the way earlier
*I'm extremely warm, warm to the point where I feel like my breathing is unsteady
*I'm exhausted, no surprise there
*I'm shaky :[
*I have to fart, no joke
*I can't stop eating my dove chocolate ice cream bars, I'll be dissapointed once they're all gone
*I can't stop thinking I'm going to miscarry, it seriously occupies my thoughts and stresses me out
*I wish I had more money. I've already spend $350 on groceries, $110 on jeans because I now have one freaking pair that fit, at least $500 for a decent air conditioner that cools our whole apartment, and $300 for our Uverse bill. It blows.
*I think I just gave myself a headache :/
*Blah blah blah
*I can't focus

Work has been so slow this weekend, so, to keep my self occupied I've been constantly looking up baby stuff and things I plan on buying. There are soo many neat crafty artsy things out there and I just can't wait to get my hands on them.

I'm dying, I have to turn the air conditioner on. I feel like passing out. Don't worry, I am drinking plenty of water and I have an ice pack sitting on my boobs. I just can't help it.


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