Apr 19, 2010

Nursery Ideas

I've been looking at nursery ideas like crazy lately, mainly because work is really slow and I just can't help myself.  I've already put together my nursery idea for a girl! I did the girl nursery first because I new it was going to be so much easier for me.  I can't wait to put my ideas together for a boy :] Here's some items I have liked so far for a little girl.

Deciding on a color was extremely hard. I knew what I wanted in a crib and it was pretty hard for me to find. I knew I wanted a crib that changed into a crib, toddler bed, and eventually just a regular bed. I always wanted a crib with a sold back. I originally wanted an espresso colored crib and found one that I fell in love with but the price on it was ridiculous, priced at $400 and then $500 total with shipping/handling. That was wayy out of my price range! So, I decided on this, white wasn't my original plan but we figured we would go with white. 

Next we HAD to have a dresser because our spare bedroom does not have a closet. We didn't want to buy a changing table/dresser because those were also extremely expensive, so we decided on just a regular dresser from Ikea that can be used as a changing table as well. 

 There are soo many different websites out there that have crib bedding sets and I've probably looked at a million of them. I liked this one because it was brown, pink, orange and had some green. A variety of colors is definitely something that I wanted. Just to make it more interesting :]

I found these paper lanterns that I thought would be pretty neat to hang for decoration. They only have pink, white and green so I was going to get one of each. Cool looking storage baskets to put on the wall shelf and bookshelf for extra things that can be hidden. Orange, pink and brown so they match the bedding set.

Now I get to decide on boy stuff :] I'm pretty excited! 


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