Apr 5, 2010


I can't stand eating anymore. It's makes me feel so gross, like I am about to throw up (luckily I don't)...and then that feeling stays with me for the WHOLE entire day, and it's not just certain foods that make me feel quesy, it's ALL FOODS! It's really starting to get to me because my stomach is constantly growling. I hope this passes. I pray this passes.

I can't stand being in the car anymore. Being in a car with queasiness just doesn't help at all. It just makes me feel even more sick which sucks because I have to drive to work every morning and drive home every evening. I'd feel really embarrassed if I had to pull over to throw up. Not a pretty sight. I hope this passes. I pray this passes.

Easter was alright. Justin and I really didn't do too much. Saturday we went over to my parents to grill out! Which was delicious. It was really nice seeing my mom, dad, siblings, and my grandparents. I missed them all way too much! We decided to call my dad Grandpa Clint to see if my grandma or grandpa would catch on. My grandma caught on immediately. She was so excited, everyone seems to be so happy for Justin and I.

Easter day I went over to my other grandparents house. Everyone congratulated Justin and I when we walked in. It was a little bit akward but we managed. :] We didn't stay too long because I was really feeling sick and it started to rain. I love rain.

My books have arrived. I was so excited to see them. Although, I have yet to start reading them. I've been busy filling out What to Expect: Pregnancy Journal & Organizer. There so much information and cool little details I get to fill in as I progress through my pregnancy. I want to write it all down and remember each and every detail. I'm dorky like that. :]

Justin and I finally repainted our living room (for the 3rd time.) It use to be blue, now it's gray. It was really hard to pick out a color that matched with our other walls. Our kitchen is brown, bedroom is maroon/redish/really pretty color and our spare bedroom is light tan, so we decided on gray. It actually looks pretty awesome! Now Justin wants to paint the spare bedroom the same color as our bedroom, but I'm really hesitant on doing that since it will be the nursery and we have no clue what the gender of our baby will be. So for now, we are leavin it as is. Which I am completely fine with.

After I got to work this morning, I sat in my car and listened to the radio for a little while because I was 10 minutes early. Once it was time for me to go in...I forgot to turn my lights off :/ Now my battery is dead. Luckily, my dad has jumper cables because I don't know anyone who has any. My lovely mother already called him for me and told him to meet me at my work at 3:30 when I get out. Yay :] I'm so forgetful. It stinks.

My ultrasound is coming up and I couldn't be more excited! I know I won't see much, but to me that doesn't matter. As long as I see something, I'm sure my heart will melt. <3
I'll post a pic on Wednesday!!


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