Jan 8, 2011

It's about time.

It's been a rough day in this house since 7 am. Laila spend most of the morning crying and everything Justin and I did to calm her down didn't work. The only time she would stop crying was when she would take a nap or eat. She doesn't want to be held, swaddled, rocked, bounced, sshh'd. She didn't want to be on her play mat or her swing. The ONLY thing that kept her from crying, was eating. So it's been a rough morning in this house and now Justin and I are completely exhausted and worn out. 

I gave her an ounce of formula (after eating 4 oz just 45 minutes before) changed her diaper and laid her down with her soothe&glow seahorse. Within a couple minutes, she was falling asleep and is STILL asleep.

Why we didn't try and give her that earlier?! I have no idea. She loves her seahorse and it's helped numerous times but Justin and I just completely forgot about it. 
I just hate when she cries and nothing that either of us do calm her down. It makes me feel like a horrible mother.

And some more AWESOME NEWS!
I'm getting a DSLR and am super stocked about it. 
I've decided to get the Canon Rebel XSi with OUT the kit lens.
I can't wait to dillydally around and learn all I can.

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Short Leg Lucy said...

50 mm is a good lense...no...GREAT. one of my top picks.