Jan 21, 2011


Breastfeeding was a challenge for Laila and I.

She rejected my left boob and then my right.

My supply was tanking.

I didn't feel the bonding experience that I expected.

It was hard.

And tiring...

But SO much easier than formula feeding.

I miss the simplicity of breastfeeding.

No washing bottles constantly.

No preperation.

All I had to do was whip it out, haha.

I just don't feel right giving my daughter formula. AT ALL.

I tell others not to beat themselves up about giving their child formula.

Yet, here I am, giving myself such a hard time.

I was meant to breastfeed. I KNOW IT.

I CANNOT give up. (Even though it's been about a month)

So..I've decided to try and re-lactate.

It's going to be HARDER than breastfeeding was in the beginning.

But I WON'T give up.

Call me crazy.

4 lovely comments:

Short Leg Lucy said...

I am behind you girl! I will be here for ANYTHING!

Wojtalewicz/Gierach Family said...

Your going to do a great job! Good Job Jessie! I love ya girly..Your a great MOMMY!

Laura Lovely said...

good luck hun

Bobi said...

very impressive... all the best to you.