Apr 5, 2011

All About Laila (4 Months}

Guess who is FOUR months?! ... Laila :]

It's amazing how fast time is flying. I'm not ready for her to grow up.

*I want to say she is around 14 pounds.
{will get the exact measurements April 9th for her check-up}

*Size 1 diapers are starting to get small so we started putting her in size 2, but either work.

*Still wearing 0-3 clothes with some 3-6's in there

*She loves to sit by herself. If you lay her flat, she grunts and grunts and looks like she is trying to do a sit up. She looks absolutely funny while doing these.

*Has awesome hand coordination and can grab almost anything by herself. She will also pass objects from one hand to the other.

*And everything she grabs goes straight to her mouth.

*She is always wearing a bib because she is always drooling.

*She popped one tooth already (just a couple days before turning 4 months)

*She loves meeting new people and is very social. This has definitely changed because she hated meeting new people and would cry instantly if someone who she was unfamiliar with, starting talking to her.

*Still getting breast milk during the day and a formula bottle in the middle of the night.

*She tries to hold her bottle all by herself. And will even try to push your hands out of the way.

*She still is waking up once in the middle of the night to eat. Usually after 5 hours of straight sleep. I guess I don't mind this but I would love for her to sleep longer lenghts.

*She is still learning to roll, rarely ever does it..I just don't know if she isn't interested or what.

*Does wonderful at tummy time and can lift her head amazingly.

*Randomly says words like "hi" "ma" "da"

*She is starting to take interest in our food but Justin and I have decided to not start rice cereal or any type of baby food until she is at least 6 months of age.

*She doesn't always sleep in bed with us anymore :[ And this was a very hard decision for myself. But, she has become such a wiggle worm and scoote's her way out of my arm. I've started to get very paranoid, so she now goes to bed in her pack n play. When she wakes for her middle of the night bottle, I bring her into bed with me and she stays there for about 3 hours and then it's time for us to wake up for the day.

*She goes to bed between 7-8 sometimes later. And wakes up between 5-6. On the weekends she wakes up between 6-7.

*And bedtime has been getting easier, she doesn't become very upset as often anymore. Maybe this is because we have started timing bathtime with eating time. She gets a bath about 30 minutes to an hour before she eats.

*She loves objects that are orange or red and takes more interest in those.

*She still isn't a fan of being in her car seat, I guess I can't blame her though. But car rides always calm her down and put she to sleep.

*She is starting to laugh and I've been enjoying this to the max. Before it was always just coos. Now, certain things make her laugh. It's freaking adorable.

*She was called a BOY for the first time (4-3-11) Silly old lady.

*Her vocal cords are amazing and she is constantly yelling, for fun.

*She loves her paci and enjoys pulling it out and then putting it back in. It's become a game to her.

*She enjoys listening to music..anytime of the day. It calms her down. As well as running water and the fan.

*We can "converse" back and forth with her and it's amazing. She loves to be the one to talk and tell you a story.

*When getting diaper changes, she always is touching her butt...what a goof.

*Justin and I have decided to get Laila's ears pierced. Will take pictures and post once this happens.

*She takes 1 long 3 hour nap and 2 short 1 hours naps during the day. This can vary depending on how much she sleeps at night, though.

*Her favorite toys are Sophie the Giraffe and her Owls & Friends Ball Trio along with some others.

*But lately, she doesn't want anything. She wants to be held and walked around. She won't play by herself anymore. I'm wondering if this is due to her teething? You literally can't even walk out of her sight for a second without her getting very upset :[

*I hate HATE to admit this...but she rolled right of the couch and landed on her back. She didn't cry or make a sound. I walked right over to her and she was laying there with a big smile on her face. No injuries. I felt HORRIBLE, though.

Will post pictures of my beauty once I load them onto the computer.

And ladies, I'm sorry I have been missing. I don't want to get into a ton of details...but Justin and I are going through a rough rough time. So we've really been trying to work hard on our relationship.

3 lovely comments:

Jess said...

Happy 4 Months! She's just a little older than Elliot.
I'm thinking about trying to get Elliot to sleep in his pack & play but have no idea how to do it. He refuses to sleep without my arm under his neck and so his neck always gets all sweaty and my arm gets stiff/sore.
i can't believe she has a tooth!!! I think I'd cry if Elliot got one already. and is she sitting up unassisted on her own, too?! Big girl!

Etosia (e-tasha) said...

Yay for Laila!!! It's crazy how fast they are growing and changing! I just wish time would slow down. Just a few months ago these posts only consisted of a few milestones and now they are filling up whole pages!!! But it is so fun watching them learn and grown! I just hope teeth don't decide to come to our house hold for a few more months!!!
p.s- take all the time you need, your family and relationship are much more important than blogging! your bloggy friends will still be here when your ready! I hope things get better for you and justin!

Laura said...

Aww, Happy 4 Months, Laila! :)