Apr 12, 2011

Our Weekend - Cell Phone Pics

Our weekend was amazing. The weather was beautiful. The sun was SHINING and it was 85 degrees outside.

This weather can definitely stay!

We went for walks and this made me realize how badly I am out of shape. Time to kick my butt in gear!

She is obsessed with her feet and constantly is chewing on them.

I can't believe she cut a tooth, this scares me. It really makes me realize that I no longer have a newborn and my baby is growing up everyday.
She loves her highchair but HATES baby orajel.

And she had her 4 month check up.
13 pounds 10 ounces (50th percentile)
24 inches (75th percentile, shocker because I'm short)
I can't remember her head size off the top of my head but it's only in the 10th percentile.
(Daddy has a small head)

1 lovely comments:

Short Leg Lucy said...

I have this crazy kind of emotion when I see your child...she's so freaking cute