Apr 28, 2011

Our Daily Routine.

I'm linking up with Here Comes the Sun and talking a lil' bit about Laila's routine.

It's pretty sad {to me, at least} that I don't really know Laila's routine on the weekdays. This is because I spend most of my day working, unfortunately.

During the weekdays, it goes something like this.

5am: mama wakes up, pumps and gets ready for work
6am: I wake Laila up around this time {unless she wakes up earlier] and get her dressed and fed, unless she isn't hungry. In the mornings, she's not all "feed me, feed me." She's more chill about it.
6:15 am: Pack Laila up and head out the door
6:20am: If she goes to Kari's, I let Kari know when she last ate, if she pooed, her mood, etc..etc.. I smother her with a million kisses and "I love you's" and head out the door to work.

I don't really know what goes on the rest of the day.

I do know that she has a bottle around 7 or even later around 9 if she got fed right away when I get up. She usually takes a nap between 9 and 10 and then another nap between 12 and 3. During the rest of the day, I'm guessing she just chills in the swing, bouncer, jumperoo and hanging out in Kari's arms.

On the weekends:
Between 6am and 8:30am {usually 6:30, though}: My sleeping beauty wakes up, all smiles. Screeching in her daddy's ears and smacking me in the face. Well, good morning to you too, my love.
She doesn't demand a bottle right away. Instead, we hang out in bed and watch some cartoons.
Around 7:00am: We get out of bed and turn the tv on in the living room, Laila hangs out in her swing while I pump away for a good half hour. She gets a bottle around this time as well.
8:00am: Time for Laila to get dressed. I spend a good 10 minutes deciding what I want her to wear. After getting dressed, we play play play.
Around 9:00am: Laila usually falls asleep around this time.
11:00am: My baby wakes up, time for a bottle. Or even some rice cereal!
Noon time: I try to eat some lunch.

The remainder of the day is usually all over the place. We run errands, go for a walk if the weather cooperates, visit family or friends. We relax and try to enjoy our days together.

Around 2:00pm: She takes another nap, usually 2-3 hours long.

Around 4:30pm: Laila wakes up, wants to be fed. We feed her rice cereal or baby food. {I had to stop denying my hungry baby, baby food or rice cereal. Although I wasn't ready, she clearly was.}

Between 6:30 or 7:30pm: Bath time for Laila. She spends a good amount of time just chillin' in the water. Splashing and kicking her little heart out, accompanied with some squealing. Freakin' adorable. Pajamas are on and she usually gets a bottle and lots and lots of cuddling or swing time.

Around 8pm: By this time, she's usually asleep. Time for me to shower, pump and read my kindle and cuddle with the love.

Between 9 and 9:30pm: My lazy, tired butt goes to bed.

Laila usually wakes up once a night, usually around 11:30 or 1.

Things change everyday. But we don't try and force a routine on her, we like to go with the flow.

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