Apr 25, 2011

Favorite Baby Items: Month 5

We have a portable swing that I seriously loved and so did Laila but once she started getting bigger and older, she stopped enjoying it as much. So I figured it was because it was so low to the ground and was more babyish but who knows the real reason she would get upset while in it. So on my awesome day off, I ventured to Tar-Jay with a dear friend of mine. Mind you, that day was cold and wet. Anyways, Justin and I have looked at this swing before but didn't know if we really wanted to spend the $130. If it was really that worth it. I decided to get it anyways, to give it a whirl. Putting it together was fairly easy. Once Laila was in it, she was over joyed. She LOVES it. Booyah! I really think it has a lot to do with her being higher up and the fact that it swings side-to-side. Totally worth the money.

Meet FOX. Isn't he adorable?! My aunt got this lil' fella from Ikea when she made her way to Minnesota over the weekend. It's just a soft, plush, musical toy. And he's awesome. Did I mention he makes noise when you pull his tail? Laila loves it. Since the moment she got it, she marked that nose of his, hers. And one of the legs and she is alwaysssss chewing on it. Really, until the thing is sopping wet. She even managed to tell Justin, Jake and I a story yesterday while chewing on the nose. I love that little goober of mine. If only there was an Ikea in Wisconsin :[

I squel everytime I see this toy. I can't get over how cute it is. The wings crinkle and they make jinggly noises. Super easy for Laila to snack on the little tiny feet and wings. She even enjoys throwing them all over the place. Skip Hop Treetop Friends Toys is an amazing collection and more than adorable. I wish I would have known about the activity mat they have, I would have ordered that one over the one I currently have.

Best.teether.ever. Laila fell in love on Day 1 and hasn't looked back since. It's so easy for her to grab because the legs are nice and thin. The legs are also one of her favorite parts to chew on, besides Sophie's face. Sophie squeaks, so be careful if you have a dog who loves squeaky toys. {Luckily, ours doesn't care}

I bought this for Laila when she turned 4 months old because she always always wanted to stand. So, I figured why not?! Besides the fact that her feet can't quite touch the ground and the need for it to be "broken in" she digs it. I can't wait for her to really experience it once she is a little older. I have a feeling she'll love it even more.  

6 lovely comments:

Etosia (e-tasha) said...

our dog ate sophie...twice.

Michelle said...

Everything is so cute!

Skye said...

Sophie rocks! I bought Julianna Sophie when she was born - we use it all the time- she loves to chew on her - we keep Sophie in the car mostly so she doesn't get lost. She is her 'car' toy.

Monica said...

New follower. Check out my blog for my first giveaway to moms with little girl.

Jess said...

Aren't the bird balls the CUTEST? Elliot even thinks so, and he's not too interested in most toys yet.
I also really wish we had Ikea here. Sigh.

Virginia said...

We got the swing as a gift before my 12 week old before he was born - it's easily the most used item out of everything we have! We use it for cap naps and quiet time, it's great!