May 24, 2011

my summer bucket list

Here Comes The Sun

Jess over @ Here Comes the Sun posted about her 2011 Summer Bucket List, which I find fantastic. I decided to join in because there's a lot I would like Justin, Laila and myself to do this summer. Here is my list.

Continue on my diet for more than a week {I suck at diets) and then continue on it after summer
Lose 20 lbs over the summer
Try new foods that are healthier and more filling
Grill out once a week or maybe even more{while still being healthy}
Take a walk every day or at least every other day with Justin, Laila, myself and Mykenzie {dog}
Do some P90X or Turbo Dance, or maybe even some ab exercises for that flabby skin
Try new foods {I'm an incredibly picker eater}
Take Laila to the beach
Justin and I have 6 Flags Season Passes and I would like for us to use them at least 10 times {last year we went once with our passes and only walked around because I was pregnant}
Do some serious cleaning around the house. That includes donating unused items that just collect dust
Learn how to use my camera, the right way
Continue with my photography course that I started a couple months ago {yikes}
Or maybe even pick up another course
Learn Extreme Couponing {I'm addicted}
Try to blog more often & I'm sorry but I seriously suck at blogging on a daily basis
Build a garden full of delicious fruits and veggies
Or go to the Farmers Market since it's right.down.the.road
And even plant some gorgeous flowers around the house
Try to spend more days away from the tv and my cell phone
Get Justin to not talk about his car 24/! {I kid, I kid...}
Get rid of my ghost appearance. Sun shine here I come!
Do much needed maintenance on my car that should have been done a while ago
Start a 365 Project and stick to it {maybe this will even help me learn how to use my camera}
Take Laila to see family members more often, especially Justin's family. She just doesn't get to see them as often as I like
Take Laila to the Milwaukee Museum
Step out of my boring wardrobe, which includes a very comfy pair of jeans and a plain ol boring t-shirt
Buy some dresses!
Take a road trip down to Kentucky or Ohio
Read 10 new books
Go camping
Attempt to stay up late and have a movie marathan night with Justin
Take Laila to new parks in our area
Get Laila on 3 baby food meals a day. She'll still get breastmilk in between a breakfast, lunch and dinner
Use the hair dye that's been sitting in our bathroom cuboard for a couple months!
Spend as much time with Justin and Laila as I possibly can. Oh, how I miss having summer's off like when I was younger.

sun tan lotion, cute baby hats, sitting outside...ya, I can definitely get use to this!

2 lovely comments:

The Tiny Team said...

She is SO sweet! I love this weather too! So fun with new babes!


Jess said...

Oh my gosh! I love like... EVERYTHING on your list! :)
And that picture is adorable. She's so beautiful!