May 5, 2011

Things I love Thursdays v.1

Melissa over @ Days Filled with Love is hosting Things I Love Thursday. Head on over and link up!!!

Things I'm loving:

I love the way Laila smiles at me in the morning. She just has the biggest smile on her face with half her tongue sticking out. It's adorable and I absolutely cherish the mornings we spend together.

I love Weeds. I'm seriously addicted to this show. Justin and I managed to watch every.single.season with in a week...with a baby. We're awesome.

I'm loving today's weather. The sun is shining and for once, I can't see my breathe.

I love rewarding myself for accomplishing something. It helps give me the motivation to keep on trotting along.

I love this fabric and it's currently in the process of becoming Laila's crib skirt. And maybe even her new diy curtains? I'm still in the process of deciding.

I love love love Young House Love. For real, do I even have to explain why?

I love that Justin and I are talking about marriage. Eeekkkk.

I'm loving Amazon Mom. That thing is awesome. If you haven't signed up for Amazon Mom {Subscribe & Save} you are totally missing out.

I love this Little Cubby Bluebird Mini Pillow from Etsy. I think I may have to get it.

I love Baby Gaps Floral Romper and this tank. Why must baby girl stuff be so freakin' cute?!

But most of all, I love to the moon and back and back again, my family.

4 lovely comments:

Etosia (e-tasha) said...

I always feel better if I reward myself too but its usually with food or coffee so I need to switch up that habit!!!

I love that pattern!

Anonymous said...

Love the morning smiles! They are the biggest and best! :) Also love the fabric, Young House Love, and thank GOD for Amazon Mom! Just ordered formula via Subscribe & Save. :)

melissa said...

young hose love makes me want to buy tools and start building something :) i love them!!

i discovered amazon mom last week and already ordered !!

Christa said...

ahh im loving warm weather too! i think its supposed to snow AGAIN this weekend :( in may!? sigh....