Dec 28, 2011

Christmas and an Adoption Hearing!

Phew! Christmas was a breeze and I'm kind of glad it's over and done with. We went to so many family functions and Laila received way too many toys, just like her birthday. Our dining room turned playroom is packed and looks like a tornado went through it. It's sad to think that in a couple days, after the new years, I'll have to take down our Christmas tree and all our Christmas decor. *sniffle* I love Christmas and what I also love is having the time off from work to spend it with my family.

Speaking off, having the last 4 days off really set something off inside me. It made me really realize how much I wish I could stay home with Laila and it brings tears to my eyes. Especially since I've been frusturated with certain aspects of my job but hey, that's what being a grown up is about right? Justin and I need both of our incomes. So I'll be stuck sitting behind this desk, eyes glued to the computer for the next couple...months? years? forever? who knows.

Another fun and exciting event that went on this weekend: My parents adopted again! The official court hearing was yesterday which unfortunately I missed almost the whole thing. Had to tend to a cranky toddler that was getting evil looks, out in the hallway. Afterwards, everyone headed to my parents church to celebrate with some lunch, presents, and cake. It was a really great time and I am so excited for her to finally be in our family!

I have to get around to editing and posting all the pictures from Christmas and the adoption. It's just been a busy time for us. Hang in there!

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Laura Lovely said...

Jessieeeee, i keep forgetting about this awesome site!
That sucks you don't get to spend all the time with her as you want. But that's awesome you have a job, I need to get me one of those.
I love the pics of justin & laila (in pink) outside. your pics are amazing.
miss you!