Nov 30, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!

This post will be short and sweet, just how I like it :]

Today, my baby turned ONE! I stayed home with her, slept in, made her pancakes, finished decorating the house with all types of Christmas decor, cleaned, went to Hobby Lobby with my mother and Laila, went out to lunch with mom, Laila and my aunt, did a ton more cleaning, played and played with my one year old. She was SO pooped out, and is already in bed and has been since 6:45. I think it was the cupcake and Red Velvet Ice Cream and not only did she get it ALL over her, she smothered my face in it while we were trying to take pictures. She seriously is THE best ever.

Lately, Laila has been showing me how smart she is. She is starting to repeat everything  you do. She wipes her mouth after eating, puts toys away, she even repeated "you did it" just like the show she was watching. I tip-toed into her room last night to find her awake and playing, so I brought her into bed to get some snuggle time in and attempt to read a book. Instead, we just lied there and guess what she did?? She continuously rubbed my forehead and hair back, just like I do to her.  I am so amazed at how much she has grown in the last year.

I look back at the times she was just born, holding her for the first time, kissing her, smelling her and telling her how much I love her and how happy I was she was finally here. I remember everything. the labor and delivery, the overflow of emotions that took over my body. I remember leaving the hospital and bringing her home for the first time and all the sudden I was stressed. Not because I just had a baby, but because I had to put too much stuff away that was taken and received at the hospital. No matter how tired, stressed or wondering "why am I crying about this stupid crock pot I can't put away" (yes, I did cry over a crock pot) I was still overly grateful to have a healthy, happy baby-family.  Everything is still so fresh in my mind and I love remembering it all but I look forward to all the other milestones, her 2nd birthday, 3rd, 4th, the day she learns to tie her shoes, ride a bike,the day she gets married, has kids, everything.

I'm so proud to be her mama and I'm so in love with her. Happy 1st Birthday, Laila. Mama loves you, to the moon and back and back again.

(how's that for short and sweet, :P)

4 lovely comments:

Etosia (e-tasha) said...

Happy First Birthday Laila! It sounds like you've had a wonderful birthday!

Mrs. Mama said...

happy first birthday Laila!!

Wojtalewicz/Gierach Family said...

Happy Birthday! Miss Laila!

Jess said...

Happy (late) birthday, Laila!