Mar 15, 2010

Decorating & Finishing Touches

Justin and I recently bought some new stuff for our bathroom, like this shower curtain and rug and some towels to match. For some reason, I really loved this set and surprisingly Justin did too! He's so picky when it comes to colors and designs, everything has to be black, gray or blue. I need some different colors every once in a while.

One thing I hate about our apartment is there is no air conditioning so in the summer it gets really sticky and I start to feel very uncomfortable. So, we found these solar curtains that help keep cool in and heat out. I thought awesome, what a great idea. At first we bought the tan ones, but discovered that it looked like our curtains were made of skin...very we took them back and the only other color that matched was black. So we got black. I hated having black curtains, it completely blocked all the sun out and I started feeling...blah most of the time. I needed to see the sun. So we finally bought some new curtains which are white and decided to use the white and the black so that we way still got sun but not too much sun. :] But I definitely think it's much better than before.

Plants! I love love love plants. :] I'm just always afraid of killing them because then there not so pretty anymore. So Justin and I went to Steins over the weekend and bought 2. One that he loved and one that I loved. I wish we could put both in the living room though but we don't have enough room, so we decided to put his in the bedroom since mine is smaller and fits in the living room better.

Justin's Plant. 

My Plant.
 I think they are both very gorgeous.
That's all for now.


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