Jun 16, 2010

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*The average women dates 24 guys before she meets the one she wants. That might sound like a lot, but it includes guys they 'dated' and guys they just 'went on dates with.'
I am going to guess and say I have dated around 12 guys?? That's just a guess, I could be completely wrong. The number could be higher or lower. I have no clue. I do know that Justin is definitely the one I want, almost going on 3 years :]

*7 % of women go on 41 to 60 dates before finding someone they like.

*And 1 % of women said they'd been on 61 to 80 dates before finding someone they liked.

* A third of women have left halfway through a date after deciding the other person was definitely WRONG for them.
I don't think I have left in the middle of the date, I probably just let myself suffer and pretended I was having a good time.

*And one in four women will meet a guy just once before deciding whether or not he is "the one."

*35 % will give a man two dates, and 16 % make their decision after three dates.

*And even when a guy pays, a single date costs a woman around $127, which factors in the money she spends on her hair, clothes, tanning (?) getting there, and contributing to food, drink, and entertainment.
*That price is ridiculous. I do my own hair, wear clothes I already own and won't go tanning for a guy. If you don't like my paleness, than eff off. Isn't your date suppose to pick you up and pay? I know that's not always the case, even I've paid for dates before :]

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