Sep 28, 2010

30 weeks 3 days

How far along? 30 weeks 3 days

Weight gain/loss: Will find out friday. N o way am I weighing myself.

Symptoms: Back aches, lots of fetal activity, dizziness, acid reflux, FATIGUE! It's back 100%

Maternity clothes? Maternity jeans and maternity beaters, some tops.

Stretch marks? Don’t remind me. no amount of cocoa butter are going to help these bad boys.

Sleep? I stopped taking my Tylenol pm so now I’m having trouble sleeping some nights and I just can’t seem to get comfortable. I terribly miss laying on my stomach.

Best moment this week? Honestly, I bought some panties that fit :]

Food cravings: Pumpkin everything.

Gender: She’s still a girl!

Belly button in or out? Still an innie, I’m waiting for the day it pops.

Movement? All the time now, she is kicking my bladder this very moment.

What I miss? I miss sleeping on my stomach and not waking up a billion times in the middle of the night to pee.

Labor Signs: None, which is a plus.

What I'm looking forward to: Appointment this Friday & Baby shower is in 3 weeks!!!

Milestones: Hiccups :]

30 weeks 3 days
What's Laila Up To?
Your belly’s increasing size is a definite clue that your baby is getting bigger every day, weighing in at over three pounds now (she’ll be packing on the weight at a rate of half a pound per week for the next seven weeks). Also growing daily is her brain, which is actually starting to look like the real thing with those characteristic grooves and wrinkles. And now that your little genius can regulate her own body temperature and turn up the heat, she'll start shedding lanugo, the downy body hair that's been keeping hier warm up until now.

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