Sep 29, 2010

Teen Mom

I can't believe that this is the 2nd season of Teen Mom and pretty soon another season of 16 & Pregnant will be starting! Seems like just yesterday the cast of Teen Mom were pregnant. Definitely shows how fast time flies and how a person(s) life changes because of a baby.

Now Maci has always, always been my favorite. I just found her to be the most mature and most loving person over everyone else. She definitely makes Bentley her number 1 priority and puts him first.

Catelynn is my 2nd favorite. I give so many kuddos to her and her fiance for picking adoption for their beautiful daughter Carly. They knew that they wanted better than what they could give her and gave her two amazing parents. Their story constantly made me cry.

I have so much to say about Amber. I do not remember her in 16 and Pregnant but season 2 of Teen Mom  definitely makes her seem like a horrible mother. I can't believe the way she treats Gary, the way she talks to him, the foul mouth she has in front of her daughter, not to mention the hitting/punching. Domestic Violence people?  I just don't think that she is very fit to be a mother until she figures out her issues and works on her anger management. I feel horrible for saying that...and this...but Gary should have taken Leah a long time ago.

I feel bad for Farrah and most of all Sophia. Sophia is adorable and I can't imaging what it is going to be like for her when she learns about what happened to her daddy :[ Growing up without one is never fun. I don't think Farrah is a horrible mother but there are definite things that she needs to work on. I wish she didn't treat some people the way she did. I definitely know that she IS trying and considering she is doing a lot of it on her own, she isn't doing too bad.

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