Sep 16, 2010


I've been preparing a checklist of things that I need to get done, BEFORE Laila makes her arrival. I'm starting to think that checklist is NEVER going to get finished. Seriously, what is this "nesting" thing that I hear of. I have no desire to do anything but be lazy and sleep. Yes, the fatigue has come back to haunt me. AHH you son of a GUN! Maybe I set high standards for myself or maybe I am just that lazy of a person.

Sign up for Classes (Breastfeeding & Newborn Care)
Set up maternity leave (Dec 2 - Jan 21)
Finishing lining the dresser drawers (ALMOST done!!)
Finish DIY flower mobile
Any other finishing touches to the nursery
Sterilize pump/bottles/etc.
Send Thank Yous - Baby Shower (When I have it)
Pick Birth Announcements
Install Car Seat - Have inspected by professional
Pack Bag
Buy/Make Pillow Case
Prepare a few frozen meals
Bathe the dog/Make plan for persons watch her
Set up ALL baby gear and learn how to use
Charge camera battery
Stock up on paper plates
Get new tires put on car/get rear drums
Set up Health Insurance for Laila
Get another haircut (around November)
Find a replacement person @ work for when I am on MLeave

Some stuff isn't necessary, some stuff I'm sure I won't get done. I just wish I *wanted* to nest.

Maybe soon. After all, I am only 28 weeks.

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