Sep 12, 2010


My biological mother and father aren't around.
Simply because they picked drugs and alcohol over me and my 3 siblings.
I struggled with this forever and then learned to move on.
Because I was given something much better. 
I was given a loving family who adopted me.  

But In my teenage years, I loved alcohol. 
That and some other things.
It was my way to cope with my life and being unsatisfied.  
I wasn't happy with my life.
The fact that I was adopted. 
So I drank, quite a lot.
Just to deal with the inside hurt and pain.

And now, I don't drink. 
One, because I'm pregnant. 
Two, I was never good at drinking.
Three, It's honestly just not my thing.
I'd drink & drink and throw up. 
Feeling like complete shit.
I prefer to be my sober silly self. 

So when someone around me always drinks, 
I feel hurt and alone...completely alone.
Especially when it causes us to fight more. 
Words are said and feelings are hurt. 
Tears flow. 

I'm trying to just put on a happy face.
Act like nothing is wrong.
But deep down...I feel really broken and alone.


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