Sep 14, 2010

Making fun of the pregnant chick :[

Saturday afternoon, I had my first encounter of being made fun of for something pregnancy related.
It wasn't by a kid, a teenage or someone in their 20's or 30's.
This guy and wife, must have been in there 50's.
And in their free time, they like to point, laugh and mock the pregnant chick.

I was actually quite pissed off and disturbed by this, not to mention Justin.
I think he took it harder than I did.

Maybe because he saw more than I did...and heard more.

I was just walking to my car, standing there, waiting for this lady to get out so I could squeeze my ginormous belly along with bags of pork steaks and soda I was carrying.

When the lady starts laughing and tells her husband to stop laughing and staring.
They walk off, I open my door and turn back and look at them.

There he is imitating my walk and laughing.
I turned around, sick of what I was seeing.

I guess that wasn't the end of their "fun" though
Justin was still in the store in the check out isle and heard this guy/wife making fun of me.

By the time Justin came out I could tell he was pissed.
I thought maybe something else happened.
Nope, he came out and told me they were still making fun of me.

Really? You're in your 50's and you're making fun of ME for how I walk?!?
I have a baby wedged in between all sorts of places.
Leave me the eff alone.

Ya, I was pretty hurt.
Justin was furious.

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