Jun 4, 2011

All About Laila: 6 Months

It's that time of the time {well, not that time, I haven't seen that in a while} to talk all about Laila and share her growth, milestones and much more. Can you believe she is already 6 months old? That's half a year, and in half a year, she's going to be ONE. Excuse me while I go faint...or cry.

Laila weighs 15 lbs 10 ounces and is 25 inches.

She is in size 2 diapers which are getting a little snug on her. We may have to switch over to the size 3's in a couple weeks but are trying to finish the rest of the size 2's we have left. Have I mentioned how much I hate Pampers now? Maybe it's just me but all the sudden Laila was leaking pee and poo all.the.time. It's getting ridiculous.

She can still fit into some of her 0-3 clothes, like some of her jumping beans pants. Most of the shirts are too small, besides a couple. Other than that, she is mostly wearing 3-6 month clothes.

On a normal day, she will eat every 3 hours or even 4 hours. She gets Beechnut's Mixed Fruit Oatmeal & breast milk for breakfast. Sometimes, we put it in her bottle, other times we feed it to her from a bowl. If she is still hungry, she gets a normal breast milk bottle. Around lunch time, she gets one jar of fruit and will drink two ounces of breast milk from her sippy cup!! Around dinner time, she gets a vegetable with two ounces of breast milk from her sippy cup. Between meals, she drinks 6 ounces of breast milk from her bottle.

She still wakes up during the night for a bottle but the past couple nights have been getting better. I've been able to get her to go back to bed...if I bring her into bed with me for a couple minutes. Then I put her into her pack n play. Besides that, she will wake up at least two or three other times in the middle of the night because she has rolled onto her belly or landed in an uncomfortable position. But the second you put her on her back, she rolls onto her belly. That hurdle has been a little difficult.

She stays up much later than she use to, which has also been a challenge with getting household chores done or just spending alone time with Justin. We can get her to go to bed around 9, sometimes 8:30 where as she use to go to bed between 7 and 8. I think this has a lot to do with the face that it is still light out.

She still takes 2 naps a day. Ranging from 30 minutes to 2 1/2 hours. There have been days where she has completely refused to nap for more than an hour the entire day, though. Making for a very cranky and tired baby.

She has one tooth and her second is still cutting through. I'm expecting it to pop any day now. Fingers crossed. Finding something to help calm down the pain has been a challenge though. So far we know cold objects work as well as Tylenol.

She can sit up all on her own for the longest amount of time ever without falling over. That's my girl!

I think I may have a crawler soon but who knows. She gets into the position to crawl and once up, she just plops right onto her belly and moves a little forward, repeating the process all over again. There are times when she uses her head to get some good balance.

She has excellent leg strength and can pull her own weight up, while her hands are being held. I just noticed this yesterday but Justin said she's been doing that for a WEEK now. Really? How could I have missed that? Shame on me.

Recently, shes been very interested in the color green. YUCK. I'm not a fan of it but I think it has something to do with Justin's green beer bottles. She follows them everywhere with her eyes as if it's her own bottle. And every time we eat/drink she insists on doing that same, if not, she gets MAD.

Laila is constantly rolling belly to back, back to belly and side to side, with one leg up and one leg down. I don't know. It's weird.

I can't guarantee this, but I am almost positive that Laila said "mama" the other night. It was a very long "mmaaammaaa" when I walked out of the room, and she followed it with a big cry. I'm very excited about this and have been trying to get her to say it since...with no luck. Oh well, we'll keep trying!

And speaking of crying while leaving the room, that's Laila's new thing. We use to be able to leave her in her bouncy, swing, or play mat for a little bit and she would be content and happily playing with toys. Lately, that has been very different and the second you are out of her sight, tears start flowing down her face and she buries her face...usually into the floor or her feet.

If she wants you, she'll reach for you. You put your arms out, she puts her arms out. If you say "up" she'll reach her arms out...sometimes! It's adorable.

She talks screams A LOT, loves other children, hates strangers, picks up/reaches for objects, moves them from hand to hand, is a huge smiler, loves to giggle, enjoys splashing water all over the place, loves when you clap or play peek-a-boo, enjoys watching other kids and is still a daddy's girl.

Laila's personality is really shining through and everyday her personality emerges a little more. Between all the poopy diapers, spit up, numerous outfits in one day, cry fests...it's been an amazing experience and a joy to be her mother. She's the sweetest girl I've ever met and I can't wait to watch her blossom every month and become the best that she can be. No rush, though!

Happy 6 months Laila.

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dramaticmama said...

Happy 6 months!! :)
She's such a cutie!!! :)

Etosia (e-tasha) said...

Happy 6 Months beautiful girl!!!! Try Humphries teething strips. You can get them on Amazon for $6 there all natural and they really calm Rylin down if her tooth is bugging her! Also, booooooo to Pampers on our behalf as well! I had to get a mattress protector for MY bed thanks to the leakage and I even change her in the middle of the night so her diaper isn't too full!!!