Jun 6, 2011

our week/weekend.

our week/weekend was amazing. the weather cooperated and our house was banging with heat. did I mention we do not have central air? that's right, no air for us, just a window unit and some a million fans. Most of the time, we only turned the window unit on when we went to bed {it's in our room} we like to be nice and chilly while we sleep. but that was for two nights and the rest of those nights, we got lucky and the degrees dropped to the 50's.

getting ready to eat some delicious apples/mango/and something else.

we got Laila a new sippy cup, thanks to this lovely lady who recommended it. Laila sure loves it and does amazing with it. what a big girl.

 Her crib skirt has arrived and I am completely in love with it. I can't thank babydarling enough for it, she sure did an amazing job! It looks perfect with her blue sheet. Next is the curtains in the same pattern! And for the first time ever, Laila played and napped in her crib.

Laila took some much needed naps on daddy and I and we enjoyed every second of it. I may have even fallen asleep as well.

lets hope this week/weekend is just as amazing. except, it's thundering out right now. wisconsin weather is bipolar.

3 lovely comments:

FirstTimeMom said...

Love the pictures. You have a very precious little girl there.

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Tara said...

yay! i am glad she likes it! what a BIG girl!
our girls our growing up !:(

Jess said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE that crib skirt! I've been trying to find someone to make one for Elliot, too, because his crib looks a little bare since we don't use a bumper.
We don't have central air either- just lots and lots of big, open windows. :) But I love the heat, so it didn't bother me!