Jun 13, 2011

six month check up

Friday was Laila's 6 month check up and that meant it was time for her to not only get her measurements but my sweet sweet baby had to get another round of shots. :[ 

sitting in the clinic just waiting for our name to be called.

 ah. finally. Laila seemed to really enjoy hanging out on the table.

 & the whole time she wanted to stand on her two feet. I think she loved the crinkling. 

but, give a girl a lens cap and she's distracted for a good 10 minutes...sometimes.

this picture just cracks me up. she dropped the lens cap and do you see the strand from her mouth to the lens cap. ya that's drool.

& now for her measurements. Laila is 15.1 pounds and and 25 inches long. Her head circumference is 40.5. Our doctor did mention she is only in the 25th percentile which is OK because she is healthy. And I was kind of surprised that she didn't weigh more because I swear that girl just wants to eat and eat, all day long. I have a feeling she is going to be short but skinny like her father.

I'm just glad the shots are over with, until month 9. But this time she really did do amazing. She cried for about 5 seconds and immediately stopped.

Poor girl is currently being rocked in her rocker battling a cold :[ Poor thing.

3 lovely comments:

Etosia (e-tasha) said...

Rylin now hates the nurse that does her shots and hates the crinkly paper! I made them take it off because just laying her on it made her sooooo upset!!! She is also 25th % for weight but hey she eats and shes healthy so whatever! Laila is ADORABLE!!!

Life as Leah said...

My son has been in the 25% for weight at some of his check-ups too...do you breastfeed? I think I've heard before that babies on formula tend to be a bit heavier than breastfed babies, but I could be wrong. She looks healthy and beautiful to me! I love the picture all the way at the top, her eyes are such a lovely color. Yay for 6 months of healthy baby!!

Jess said...

Elliot is small too. I'm sure they'll both catch up eventually. Don't you just HATE when they getr shots?! Sounds like Laila is more off a trooper than Elliot. At his last shots when he was five months {he's a month behind thanks to being sick for so long}, he screamed and screamed and screamed... People in the waiting room could hear him loud and clear! I'm dreading his next set next month!