Jun 14, 2011

sleep situation/issues

I'm beat, tired, exhausted, zombified...is that a word? It is, and yes, I looked it up. I want to take a nap, a very nice long uninterruped nap. I feel guilty for saying that but it's true. I miss sleep every.single.day but I would give it up over and over and over again just so I could spend time with my daughter.

Whine. But last night was rough. Wait, beyond rough. Back to the beginning. I'm tired, someone slap me in the face. Or get me some coffee...or both.

Laila went to sleep around 7:30, woke up around 8:30, had a 3 ounce bottle and zoinked back to sleep. I can't remember what time it was but she woke back up. I figured she wanted more to eat, so I fed her. She ate 3 ounces and went back to sleep. I put her in her pack n play and she tossed and turned for quite some time.

She had a hard time falling asleep, staying asleep and getting comfortable. Maybe I can blame it on her horrible cold or maybe she's teething. She didn't want much. I got her to sleep but around 3 she woke up again and stayed up til 4:30. I rocked her and even tried moving her to sleep in her crib, thinking her pack n play just wasn't cutting it anymore. She actually did pretty well in there. Fell asleep around 4:30 but then woke up with me at 5:15.

Maybe that doesn't sound too bad and really it isn't but I'm just tired. Nights like that really get to me because I have to get up at the butt crack of dawn to get ready for work. Plus, I really just didn't know what was going on with my baby. I felt horrible.

I think tonight we are going to try and put her to sleep in her crib instead of in her pack n play. Maybe she will sleep better in her own room. And in all honesty, I really don't want her in her own room yet. I'll miss hearing her breath and move around, the sound of her little whimpers. I won't be able to just sit up and look over at her. I have a feeling it won't last, though. I'll need her next to me and Justin knows it too. He even told me HE wasn't ready to have Laila in her own room, that he enjoys waking up to her right there. Le sigh.

The whole situation just puts me in tears. But seeing this face everyday, snaps me back to my happy self.

3 lovely comments:

Etosia (e-tasha) said...

it might be teeth! We are having the same problem. Rylin is so restless and at first i thought it was because we still co-sleep and Jake has been snoring like crazy but I've tried the crib and she doesn't last 5 minutes and she is only napping 15 minutes at a time! I blame teeth! I am beyond exhausted and totally feel your pain!

Wojtalewicz/Gierach Family said...

awe. She is adorable. Love the pic :) If you need sleep bring her to me!!!

Sarah said...

I am starting to experience this myself, my little one is 5 days old and the other night he woke to eat at 9 pm I figured I would feed him and get 2 hours of sleep instead he ate and was awake till 130! most of the time screaming too =(