Jun 9, 2011

things i love thursday v.4

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I am loving Laila's new crib skirt. It's everything I wanted and looks just as beautiful as I imagined. Not to mention, it looks amazing with her crib sheet. I'm pretty excited to get working on her curtains to match.

I love Laila's "crawl" It's the cutest thing ever. She gets into the position, rocks back and forth and plops right back onto her belly while moving an inch or two at a time. Or her scoot back is pretty awesome as well.

I'm loving my new capris thought I just bought. They are comfortable and fit me perfectly. I feel amazing in them.

I love parks, especially the park in a little town over. They added a water park for younger kids and it's amazing.

Besides it being 86+ degrees in our house and thunderstorm-y, I really do love the weather we've been having. It's just nice to hang out side and dip Laila's feet into the water and watch her face light up. Nothing gets better than watching her squeal over something new and interesting.

I can't believe I am saying this but I love my job. I really do love my job and I can't be more thankful and grateful for being so lucky.

I love Aveeno's face wash for myself. Before using Aveeno, I was a Proactive gal, especially when I got pregnant. Over time, I got sick of paying for it when I could possibly find something that works just as well for much much cheaper. And Aveeno works wonders for me.

I love the look on Laila's face in the morning. She has this I-just-woke-up look and it's absolutely adorable. And then she talks and sings until we pick her up.

I love my best friend, Laura. I've missed her so so much and being able to spend quality time together, means the world to me. It's been so long since I've hung out with her. Besides going to see Bridesmaids last Friday.

And speaking of, I LOVED Bridesmaids. Is it bad that I almost peed my pants? Nah, it's just THAT good.

TMI: I love sleeping braless and since I leak like crazy I'm always very nervous about making a mess while sleeping but lately I've said screw it and have gone braless. Ah, it's heaven and I've missed it. You have no idea.

Haha, moving on.

I love watching Laila reach for me with the cutest smile on her face. Or when she tries to curl up in a ball while you hold her, while burying her face into your chest. My snuggle bunny.

Ever had Blue Bunny's Red Velvet Ice Cream? No? Yes? If not, you are missing out. I am IN LOVE with that magic stuff and can't put it down. Lord help me if my ass decides to become twice as large.

I love the new "drooler bibs" that I recently ordered for Laila from Apple Tree Boutique. I was able to pick out the fabric that I wanted {from her selection} and received them super quick. They're adorable and functional!

what do you love?

1 lovely comments:

Tara said...

bahaha you crack me up!
I missed being braless too when i was Bf'ing!
Even when I was pregnant i would wake up & be soaked!
I have to say tho I dont miss sleeping in my nursing bra!