Oct 29, 2010

Appointment. Birthday. Anniverary

"I don't think you're going to make it to Nov 30th, hun!" 

Those were the words said by my wonderful doctor today at my prenatal appointment. You should have seen the horrified look on my face. I was speechless.

"What do you mean I probably won't make it to Nov 30th?" 

Due to my blood pressure being completely wacked out, she thinks Laila will most likely have to be born early. Maybe around 37 or even 38 weeks. Depending on how my 24 urine results and blood pressure look. 

And at this point, things just aren't looking the best. 

I gained 5 pounds in one week. ONE FREAKING WEEK! She did say it wasn't due to eating, it's just water and swelling. So she started pressing my ankles, and sure enough, they're swollen...bad. 

I've also been seeing little stars in my eyesight, sometimes they go away and sometimes they last for a couple minutes. Crap. 

And she wants me to cut my hours to 30 instead of 40 to make sure I lay down to help the swelling. No :[ I don't want to cut my hours.  I have to make sure Laila is safe, though.

If Laila is born early, around 37 or 38 weeks, that means I only have 2 to 3 more weeks left, which scares the living crap out of me. I'm not ready for her to be out, I have SO much left to do. Yet, I keep complaining and whining that I just want her out. I guess I wasn't expecting all of this to happen though.

And if she has to be born early, I'll have to be induced. For some reason being induced terrifies me, It's not something I wanted. I wanted things to happen naturally and now that may just not happen. 

I even asked my doctor if I will be able to deliver vaginally. She isn't exactly sure yet, a lot of it depends on Laila's size. I'll be given a guesstimate next Friday, Nov 5th when I have my ultrasound. Yay for seeing Laila ! :]

So that's my baby update. I definitely wish things were going much smoother. 

Anyways, it's Oct 29th and that means...it's Justin's 25th Birthday!!! YAY. I completely love that man with my whole heart and everything I have. 

AND on Monday Nov 1st...it's our 3 year anniversary. 3 AMAZING years, can you believe that?? I swear, time flies. I am SO in love with such an amazing man!

2 lovely comments:

Jess said...

Hi! I noticed you were my newest follower, so I popped on over to check out your blog. We have a few things in common:
1. our first name (but that's nothing special, considering it was the most popular girls' name for like 10 years in a row...
2. you're a young pregnant mama {I'm a little older than you- I'll be 22 in a week. But still.}
3. you're probably going to deliver early
I wish you all the luck with your little one! Hopefully she stays in there a bit longer.

Short Leg Lucy said...

This is super super super exciting!!!