Oct 1, 2010

Pregnancy Complications

Today I had my doctors appointment with Dr. Jayne. Once again things aren't seem to be going well. 

My blood pressure was SKY HIGH and they still do not know why and it doesn't seem to be getting any lower.

Once they get my urine results back, they will let me know if I STILL have blood in my urine. If so, they have to schedule an ultrasound to take a look at my kidneys to see why they aren't functioning properly.  

I was put on a NST (non stress test) while there so they could monitor my blood pressure as well as Laila's heartbeat to see if she was still doing great. Gladly, she is! 

I'm the one having issues which could cause even more issues down the road. 

I have to do a 24 hour urine test starting tomorrow, ending Sunday. 

With everything that has been going on, my doctor has officially put me on bed rest for today, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. This means that I cannot go into work Monday. 

I was completely bummed with this and am not happy about it at all. :[ 

Tuesday I'll be able to go back to work but will have to go back and see my Dr. to discuss my urine results.

From there on, my doctor and I will know more and make a plan and talk about the future and Laila's arrival.

I'm terrified that if things don't get better, they will put my on bed rest until Laila does make her arrival, which is COMPLETELY impossible because I still have to train our new employee. 

I'm terrified that they will have to induce me earlier on, when she isn't ready. 

I'm terrified that I will have to have a scheduled c-section. 

I just want her to stay in and to be healthy, for me to be healthy and to have a vaginal delivery (never thought I'd say that.)

Please Pray!

& Laila !

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