Oct 19, 2010

Baby Shower

October 16, 2010, Sweetest Day, I had my LOVELY Baby Shower.

 The whole entire outcome was a success. 
We talked, we played games, we opened gifts, we laughed, we smiled, we ate a ton of delicious food.

Like these cupcakes, made by Justin's mama, Teressa! 

I got see my sister, Leah. 
I haven't seen her since...FOREVER! 
2 Christmas's ago, I believe.

People were VERY generous when it came to gifts.
Justin and I did not except to receive as many items as we did.

Plus there were even more gifts.

And a side view

I can't believe I still have 7 weeks left. 
I don't think my belly can stretch much further out
: /

2 lovely comments:

Short Leg Lucy said...

I wish I could have joined!!! The baby bouncer that we sent....Did you like it?? I think Maia used it all of 20 times, for nights that we couldn't get her asleep :]

strawberry shortcake said...

I LOVE it. It's absolutely adorable. I can't wait to put Laila in it but for now our almost 3 year old neighbor enjoys playing with it..and pretty much every other baby item in the house. :]
Thank you so much hun!!