Nov 3, 2010

10 Things

Since I may be induced, I've been doing some research, not too much though, for the fear of scaring myself. I did find this website that kept everything short and sweet, which I like :]

10 Things to Know Before Being Induced
1. Focus on the positives rather than the change of plans. The mamas and baby's health are all that matters.
2. Life doesn't always coincide with your birth plan. Sometimes the body or the baby has a mind of its own so be flexible to accommodate your needs.
3. There won't be a mad dash while you're in labor. No crazy car rides or frantic pushing of the elevator buttons. You'll likely even carry your own bag.
4. Your hospital may send you home after telling you it's time to come in. When labor rooms are full, scheduled births take a backseat to spontaneous ones.
5. You won't be walking the halls of the hospital. Most induced women are bed bound as fetal heartbeat and uterine contractions are monitored. 
6. A pill may be placed inside your vagina to start of the induction process. ( thanks)
7. When the nurse cranks up the pitocin drip, contractions increase and they hurt. 
8. The pain might be more than you can bear as your body has been synthetically sent into childbirth. For comfort, you may consider an epidural. (YES PLEASE!)
9. The doctor may use a small hook, that's painless, to break your bag of water if the amniotic sac does not break on its own.
10. In the won't care how your baby arrived, just that she did!

The end :]

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