Nov 5, 2010

Whhyyy Meee?!?

Bed rest has helped!! Which is AMAZING :]

My blood pressure was slightly down, I somehow lost weight while being lazy, Laila did awesome during the non stress test,  I was having a few contractions, though. Nothing I could feel. Still not dilated, no surprise. I will not be returning to work for the remainder of my pregnancy, so I had to have my Dr. fill out my short term disability paperwork. We both just decided that's it's better for me to continue bed rest/taking it easy. That way IF my blood pressure does rise, she won't have to take me out of work AGAIN.


I had an ultrasound today and it was awesome to get to see Laila again. She is head down, with her feet RIGHT by her face, almost looked like she was trying to suck on her toesies. It was pretty funny to see. She is around 5 pounds 15 ounces and the most perfect, beautiful girl. I'm sooo confused though, according to the ultrasound technician, they have my due date as December 13th?!?! (they just went off my last ultrasound date) Which would only make me 34 weeks 4 days. But I was always told that my due date was December 4th (going off my lmp) making me 36 weeks tomorrow. After I left my appointment, I rushed to call my doctor to figure this out..she wasn't in anymore :[ I'll have to wait till Monday now to see what the dealio is with that. I seriously doubt that my due date is December 13th. So I'm sticking with the 4th!


As for me, I feel like crap. I'm on day something of being sick. I have a horrible cold. I can't breathe out of my nose because it's all stuffy...yet it's still all gross and runny. And not being able to breathe out of my nose is causing me to snore :[ poor Justin. I feel so bad. I can't even have the heat on at night while I sleep, so I have to sleep with the window cracked open a bit. I'm going to freeze him to death. My throat is super sore and now I'm starting to get a horrible cough, my whole entire body is aching in pain. I'm getting on and off fevers. Oy, whyyyy meee?


Tomorrow, Justin and I are attending a wedding. My coworkers beautiful daughter is getting married! Marriage makes me happy. We decided that we are not attending the ceremony and to just attend the reception. Going to both is too much for me with being sick. It'll be nice to see all my coworkers, though. I'm pretty excited. 

I'm exhausted. All I want to do is sleep. 

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Short Leg Lucy said...

i cannot wait to see her cute face!! how exciting jess!