May 25, 2010

Kiss FM morning quickie

Every morning on my way to work I listen to 103.7 Kiss FM and I absolutely LOVE their morning quickies. Today's morning quickie was about women and their appearance.

*74 % of women admit they constantly check out their reflection
*Almost every time I walk past a mirror, I will look at myself.

*55 % say they'd never consider having plastic surgery. BUT, of those women, 46 % would think about it if there was no pain and no recovery time.
*I'm really not that big on plastic surgery. Although, IF I had the MONEY, I would definitely get some liposuction...I have lots of giggly fat. :/ But I definitely wouldn't change my major appearance.

*45 % of women say the count calories DAILY, and 35 % go the the gym every day.
*When I had an eating disorder, I CONSTANTLY counted calories and pretty much made sure I barely ate any while still working out a TON. I've gotten past that stage and try not to count them as much as I use to.

*44 % admit they wax "down there." :P
*Ouch, Ouch, Ouch. I've gotten my eyebrows waxed and that hurt. I prefer to shave. lol

*ONE in FOUR women says she'd turn down a date with a guy she likes if she had a zit, was feeling overweight, or hadn't trimmed her downstairs.
*I haven't turned down dates for these reasons.

*But, in spite of all this, just ONE in FIVE women say they feel confident about their body
*Totally true. I am definitely not confident about my body at all. I critique and criticize it like you wouldn't believe. I think my main problem with where this all started was the media. Believe it or not, I use to want Mary-Kates body...when she had anorexia. That's how freaking messed up my mind was and what I use to consider beautiful. I felt that if I had her body (or just a skinny, perfect body), I would have everything! But on my way to getting that so called perfect body, I lost much much more. :[

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