May 17, 2010

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Mmm, Yummy. My delicious breakfast, Cinnamon Rolls :]
Who could NOT love them. They're fab.
Wooh hooo..anyways.
We're back to Monday. Boo. I hate Mondays.. most of the time. Sometimes I love them because they go uber quick, other times I hate them because I want to stay curled under the covers at home. Oh well, I need to work.

Over the weekend it was my cousins Sweet 16th Birthday!! Woot Woot, and unfortunately Justin and I missed it because his Grandpa was visiting from Ohio. BUT, we did show up around 9 p.m. :] I wasn't going to NOT show up. I had to give my cousin his present. $MONEY$ lol. Everyone loves money.

During the weekend, Justin and I went over to his parents house because his Grandpa from Ohio was finally visiting! I met his Grandpa once, and that was 2 years ago...maybe? It was just such a long time ago and that was the last time Justin saw him. I didn't want Justin to skip the oppurtunity to spend time with his Grandpa, especially since he isn't doing the greatest :[ But his Grandpa is the cutest most happiest old man ever and he knows sooo much about tomatoes!! LOL
Whenever we go over to Justin's parents house, we know there is going to be some amazing, mouth watering food, there always is. His mom is a fantastic cook. We had steak, potatoes, noodles, fluffy orange tangerine yummy desert. No idea what it is actually called but it's fab.

Passed around my ultrasound pictures because everyone was dying to see the little baby. His grandpa thinks it'll be a boy. And speaking of baby. I've made it too 11 weeks and pretty soon, I will be in the 2nd Trimester.
Woah, I guess time flies. I still remember when I found out I was pregnant and at the time I was only 3 weeks and a couple days! Yikes.

I'm still dealing with the fact that I am pregnant and I am still a kid myself. I know how to be an adult but I prefer to act silly and be young. It's who I am and life is so much easier when you are a little kid. Which brings me to a poem that I found a while back.

Sometimes, I wish I could be a little kid again
So when life gets tough you can just play pretend.
I want to go back to when santa did Exsist.
When your daddy was the only boy
you ever kissed.
When Disney World was the best place to be.
When the only movies you could see were rated G.
When your biggest problem was learing to write your name.
And people didn't change and your friends were the same.
And everytime you were sad or you had a bad day
You could just run to mommy and it would be OK.
When the best place to shop was Toys R Us.
When it was just to scary to ride the bus.
Before you ever had a broken heart and the pain of
being in love just didn't start.
I want to go back to no hurt and no pain.
Just laughter and when everyone always lives ...
Happily Ever After.

No clue who wrote that poem but it is definitely how I feel sometimes. Now, that all has to change. I have to grow up and and take care of this little tiny precious life. I'm scared sh*tless. I will make it through, I'll be strong and I'll be an awesome mama.

Besides that, I am feeling pretty good. I don't *usually* throw up. Only have twice so far. I'm still starving and am not looking forward to gaining more weight. Gaining weight is a scary scary thought for me. Ugh. I've been having some pretty severe headaches lately :/ and they really don't like going away. Luckily, I can take Tylenol which seems to help right away. And then I'm getting these back pains which last all day. Back pains aren't completely knew to me because I'm carrying around some BIG watermelons permantely stuck to me..ahaha..hmph. Ya, it sucks. I also wish I could take a million naps a day. I never seem to have enough energy, I could sleep & sleep. Sleep has become my new best friend.

But, I think I shall go since I am at work, maybe I should do some work.
Eh, fine, I suppose so.


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