May 4, 2010

houston, we have a hearbeat

Well hello there beautiful baby! First big appointment went extremely well! For the first time ever I got to hear the heartbeat :] It's such an amazing, beautiful sound. At first, baby was all curled up and didn't want to move. Just a little bumping around and baby started kicking, punching and flipping like crazy! In the picture you can see the little legs, I don't know where the arms are, they're hiding. 

According to thebump and my baby book, baby has officially now graduated from embryo to fetus hood and is now the size of an olive.. Tiny muscles are starting to form and his/her head is continuing to develop and take on more and more baby-like proportions.

Luckily, I have had a pretty easy pregnancy. I'm not constantly throwing up, just feeling nauseous most of the day, mainly in the mornings and when my stomach is empty. This has caused me to eat and eat and eat! Those tender boobs are still kicking my butt!! I recently spent $45 on a new Victoria's Secret bra, which by the way I love. I would definitely recommend the Body by VS bra :] It's now my favorite. 

Did I mention I went to SIX FLAGS?! Well, I did. It was amazing and luckily I made it the whole ride without having to stop and go pee. I avoided all rides because I didn't want to chance anything. Instead, I spent my time walking around and enjoying the weather, while also enjoying a very yummy sundae funnel cake! Either way, rides or no rides, I enjoyed myself and can't wait to go back. 

That's all for now. I smell syrup and have a sudden urge to eat some breakfast food! :D

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~Hannah~ said...

Wahoo!!! YAY!! I'm happy for you!

Short Leg Lucy said...

I tagged you in a post!