May 24, 2010

Welcome To Summer!!

Holy Hotness. Welcome to Summer!

It's a little over 80 Degrees in our house and I am dying!! I feel dizzy and lightheaded and that seems to be on of my new pregnancy symptoms. :/ Seems to happen from heat, especially during a shower. I'll become so dizzy and lightheaded that I have to stop what I am doing and call it quits. It's pretty scary and I'm thinking it's only going to get worse with the heat. 

*I love the beach*  

Ugh, and here I sit in the house...on a leather couch with no air conditioning, with only a fan running...and I am so incredibly hottttt. We do have a window unit but we decided to put it into the bedroom for bedtime. I cannot, CANNOT sleep while warm. I sweat and get all sticky and uncomfortable and spend forever lying there in bed. But, last night sleeping was amazing! I was nice and cold and slept perfectly, except for those 3 times I woke up in the middle of the night to pee. Other than that, amazing. :] 
Our neighbor did mention to us that he had a window air conditioner and would let us use it if we would like. I immediately jumped at it and said yes! I wasn't going to pass it up, do you know how much a DECENT, GOOD WORKING one costs. Way too much for me to pay at the moment when I have other things to pay for. I can't wait! I'm such a baby but I just want to feel comfortable and survive being pregnant with the HEAT.

So, this weekend was definitely a good one for me (for the most part)
Saturday, I did lots and lots of cleaning and I feel so much better with a cleaner house. Being in a messy house has really started to get to me, I don't know why. 
I vacuumed (all rooms)
Windexed the windows/mirrors
Laundry - loads & loads
Torn down a bookshelf
Installed some corner shelves (well, Justin mainly did that)
Cleaned the toilet/sinks
Cleaned/Organized the Walk-In-Closet
Cleaned the fridge
I at least felt like that was a lot to do but totally worth it and I even enjoyed it. 
*Corner Shelves* :] 
They look better in person
The rest of the Justin and I just relaxed. I did find out that my Grandpa Gene turned 77 and my little cousin Sebastian turned ? (I'm not sure how old he turned) and we missed their parties because know one mentioned anything to either of us until today. I was bummed by this because I didn't get to see my family.

Sunday, was by far the best day, for the most part. Justin and I were invited to our neighbors house for a neighborhood barbecue. Nothing like grilling out and getting some color :D The food was DELICIOUS and everyone was sooo freaking friendly and I am so glad we have neighbors that we all get along with and like. But, before we went over there I showered and was getting all dressed and ready and just looked at myself in the mirror, critiquing every little thing and I started bawling my eyes out. I looked ugly and fat. Not beautiful at all, not even cute. I just was not OK with the way I looked at all. I was ready to stay home and not go anywhere because I was so embarrassed of my body. I didn't feel comfortable. But, I got over it and went and of course I sure did have the best time ever!
After I ate, that ugly feeling came back. One of our neighbors asked if I was full, I just kind of said "ya, kind of." Her daughter said "ya, i sure can tell, your belly is big" and just stared at my belly.
I wanted to cry. I am already feeling fat and self conscious and then I have to hear this remark and it just made me feel even uglier. The only thing that came out of my mouth was "I'm pregnant" and it wasn't a happy way I said it, it was more of a 'I'm going to start crying' way.

Whatever, I got over it and ate more food because I became hungry again.
Dark was approaching soon and everyone was outside sitting down with this white screen hanging on a garage with a projector getting ready to play a movie with some bomb-ass surround sound. It was amazing, like a drive in movie theater. Unfortunately, Justin and I had to go home because we both had to get up EARLY for work the next morning but I sure hope there will be many more days/nights like last night (minus some things) 

Overall, It was such an amazing day and I couldn't ask for it any other way. I had a blast and got some color :]
Oh, I own between 13-15 bras and as of now, I have ONE that fits comfortably. Um, boobs please stop growing.
11 Weeks. Not much

 So, the computer is making me sweat since it's hot...sooo...I think it's time for me to shower.

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