May 18, 2010

last night, three's

Last night was by far one of the worst nights ever!! I was getting ready for bed, just layed down, turned on some awesome House M.D and my stomach was roaring in hunger. Which is normal, it's pretty much the noise I hear all the time now. And I have learned that once I lay down with a growling stomach it's not going to end well. I was rigghhttt. Say buh-bye prenatal vitamin. :[ And I didn't even attempt to re-take another one. I just ate a bagel and cried myself to sleep. I was in so much pain from throwing up and not to mention it was past 11 and I was just tired beyond belief. Hmph.
I'm tired of constantly feeling hungry and then eating.
I don't feel sexy, beautiful or even cute.
I'm such a lazy bum these days.
How lame is that?!

Today just isn't a good day, even though it's only 7:30 in the morning.
I need to eat breakfast.
I stopped at Piggly Wiggly before coming into work and picked up some Saltine Crackers and ... French Toast Sticks.
I'm also sipping on some good ole' Ginger Ale.

So..anyway. I saw this on the lovely Sonya's blog and decided I would do it as well :]
Here goes, mine won't be that interesting:

Three names I go by:
Jessica Rose

Three Jobs I've Had:
Hedge Plus - my current job, clerical assistant.
Sarios - gross dishes, gross left over food *barf*
Jackson Crossings - awesome retirement community. I love old people.

Three Places I've Lived:
West Bend, WI - currently live with the love :D awesome place
Jackson, WI - where I grew up...for the most part
Florida - I miss it there :[

Three Favorite Drinks:
Mountain Dew - I've cut back...I swear
Ruby Tuesday Raspberry Fruit Tea - best best best tea EVER!!
Mocha Frap - Starbucks is the shiz nitz

Three TV Shows I Watch:
16 & Pregnant/Teen Mom - both are awesome
One Tree Hill

Three Places I've Been:
New York, NY - so insanley packed, cars are extremely rude to pedestrians! But I loved it there
Washington, DC - school trip, it was interesting
Ft. Lauderdale, FL - where my sister got married. It was beautiful & sunny
**I don't get out much, I need to explore the world**

Three Places I'd Like To Visit:
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Washington State - I love how green it looks there

Three Favorite Dishes:
Noodles & Co Buttered Noodles - my favorite
Bacon Burger & Fries
Steak & Potatoes 

Three Makeup Products I Can't Live Without:
CoverGirl LastBlast Volume Mascara
Revlon PhotoReady Powder

Three Things I'm Looking Forward To:
All baby related things (gender, shopping, shower, birth..etc.)
Six Flags
More & More Sunshine
*This guy makes me giggle*

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