Mar 14, 2011

10 Day Challenge: Day 1

I saw this one on Here Comes the Sun as well as Our Little Lifesicle. I figured I would join in and open up with everyone a little more.

And I definitely recommend heading over to their blogs, both are amazing mothers with adorable babies. And we all loovvveee babies :]

Day 1: Ten Secrets

I feel weird posting my secrets..that's why they're secrets.

BUT, I suppose I can post one of them.

I count steps as I walk up them and If I miss one, I usually go back and start over...

4 lovely comments:

Adrienne said...

That's a little OCD lol.

Etosia (e-tasha) said...


i LOVE the new blog design!!!

Jess said...

Blog is looking ADORABLE- and I stole your button.
:) yay, you joined up. I think it'll be fun!
PS- I'm OCD about the weirdest things. So I know where you're coming from here.

Adriana Iris said...

great blog new friend...