Mar 16, 2011


I've been meaning to blog about this but my mind always...always wanders...

Awhile back, Sonya over @ {shutter}mama hosted a blog giveaway. The winner received one of these amazing headbands made by Twysted Yarn. Definitely check out her {etsy shop} She does amazing work and I am jealous of her skillzzz.

And I was extremely surprised when {shutter}mama announced myself as the winner. I was beyond thrilled. Picture my doing a happy dance...that was me.

I've worn my Jess Headwrap numerous times and just love it. It's a bummer winter is coming to an end.

I even took way too many pictures to show it off.. BUT as usually, I will post once I transfer pics from camera to computer. I'm so horrible at that.

2 lovely comments:

Short Leg Lucy said...

I was anxious to see how that looked!!! I wanted it so badly hahahah

Skye said...

Ooh I remember those - they were nice. Yes do show us the picture! :)