Mar 1, 2011

Good News & Bad News

We only had our couch posted on Craigs List for a week and a half, maybe 2 weeks. But the process of selling it was tough. We had a ton of people trying to scam using money transfers and Western Union. We didn't fall for it one bit. And it's amazing how many people don't want to pay cash or pick up and those were two of our requests. We had a couple who tried playing games with us for delivery day. And then we had a ton of people who practically wanted the couch for free.

But, after all that, we finally sold it. *Insert happy dance here* I couldn't be more stoked. And $700 buckaroos is not too bad. {Most people only wanted to pay us $500.}

On Saturday we will be saying "So long, Chocolate Leather Sectional. Hello Olive Sofa and Loveseat"

Yes, Olive. That is the color of the set we will be getting. And I'm in lovveee.

Looks like this {crappy pic, snapped with my cell when we went couch shopping a couple weeks ago}:

Super comfortable. I can't wait to sit my booty on that thing.
I'm even buying that gorgeous rug, which is hard to see in the pic.
Hey, might even buy that coffee table. {we're selling ours on CL as well}
Ah. Furniture overload.
Can Saturday come sooner, pretty please?

I ran out of Domperidone {that medicine is the reason I pump 12 ounces a day} I completely forgot to order it in time and won't be receiving my next shipment until Monday. I'm seriously worried my supply is going to tank and I'll have to start ALL OVER. This brings me to tears. I'm such an idiot. At least I ordered 600 pills {2 months worth} this time. :[

3 lovely comments:

kelsey said...

sweet couches!!

Jess said...

Yay for new couches! :D Craigslist can be a pain to sell on but so worth it! We used to donate our old furniture but hey, why not get a few hundred bucks for it instead?
I know exactly what you mean about running out of the meds. I once left all the millions of pills I was taking to increase my supply to a measley 2 ounces per pumping for a whole day at home when we went away for a weekend, and I nearly had a meltdown.

Skye said...

Craigslist is an evil nessecity. It's something that hurts so good LOL. I love it b/c I have gotten the best deals in the world on there... but hate it when I need to sell something and get those stupid people that think I will really fall for their scams LOL... or the ones that think I should drive 1 hour to drop the stuff off at their house - Um no. I just listed my travel sstem a few weeks ago - I ended up relisting it several times until I finally got a taker and what a pain to get the right day and time down... and the questions - ughh... so many questions. You would think I was selling a Porsche!