Mar 1, 2011

All About Laila {3 Months}

My dearest Laila is already 3 months old. Yes, 3 months ago, she made her beautiful entrance into this world. Not one day has gone by where my heart hasn't melted from the beauty that radiates off of her. She's such an amazing daughter. My daughter. My heart. My soul. My life.

*She is wearing 0-3 clothes and size 1 diapers.

*I don't know her exact weight or height. I'm guessing she is around 11 lbs and 24 inches. I'll figure that out.

*She has 5-6 bottles a day. Usually 4 ounces at a time. Sometimes she has 5 but if she has anymore than that she is a spit-up machine.

*Daytime bottles are breast milk and nighttime bottles are formula. This has worked fantastic for us.

*She walks up ONCE at night to eat. I don't mind this at all.

*She is still sleeping right next to my side and will be for a while.

*She is more aware of her own her hands. Not a day, minute, second goes by where those little fingers aren't shoved into her mouth. It's insane. She even chews on them to the point of almost making herself throw up :/

*She is starting to roll. How scary. The other day, she almost rolled right into my pump that was currently going. But she still hasn't rolled back to belly completely and then belly to back. She just rolls on to her sides and that's only once in a while.

*She doesn't mind tummy time, FINALLY! I was worried that her neck muscles wouldn't be grand but their perfect. She's perfect.

*She loves to stand on her feet. If I could hold her up all day like this, maybe I would. Although, that would be TIRING.

*She fights mad. Honestly, that drives me bonkers. She will be SO tired and just cry. Nothing calms her down. Then she finally falls asleep. I hate this. I feel so terrible.

*Still loves her bath time and gets on every week night.

*She could probably stare at herself in the mirror forever. It's amazing. She makes the cutest face ever when she sees herself. My heart melts.

*She prefers daddy to put her to bed. Such a daddy's girl.

*She loves lights, running water, fans, T.V.s

*When she isn't shoving her hands in her mouth, she is using them to grab something...anything. And that usually means my hair or her pacifier clip. This has lead me to get a hair cut. Nothing drastic, though.

*She enjoys staring at our dog, Mykenzie.

*She gets bored very quickly.

*She tries to SIT UP. For real, I lay her down and it looks like she is trying to do some sit-ups. I figured this was her trying to sit up like a big girl!

*She wants to be held all.the.time. Baby Bjorn has been a lifesaver.

*She looks more like daddy than mommy. But acts more like mommy than daddy. :]

I can't imagine what kind of life I would have without Laila in it. I'd assume it wouldn't be as exciting, sleep depriving, stressful as it is but I love the way I live my life. I love everything about it and couldn't image it any other way. My daughter means the world to me and I am so grateful and so thankful for her.

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Laura Lovely said...

aww :)
this is so sweet
i have to see you guys before i leave thurs

Jess said...

Isn't it fascinating to watch all the changes they grow through at this stage? Elliot and Laila sound very much alike in some ways, and VERY opposite in others. 4 ounces at a time? Waking up once a night?! I wish!!!! lol

Short Leg Lucy said...

She soooo adorable!!!!! Love her little face!

Sarah Lynn said...

Isnt it crazy how they are their own little people already? B is 4 months old, trying to sit up, roll, and run away from me haha. Just think, as the 3 months passed by, 3 months from now she will be 6 months! Thats even bigger milestones :)

Mommyto3andahusky said...

I just found your blog and became your newest follower! :) Love your blog!

Lori said...

Laila is beautiful! I love her name too :) Isn't it awful when they fight their sleep and turn into cranky messes? I wish I could tell you it gets better, but it hasn't for us and my LO one is almost 22 months.

New follower, stop on by..