Dec 28, 2010

All About Laila: 1 month

Things I’ve learned about Laila in the past 4 weeks

*She is a loud sleeper so don’t get out of bed every time she makes a noise. I’ve learned the hard way. Every sound, I would pick her up and that woke her up. Leaving me with a tired and cranky baby. 

*Bibs and burp cloths are a necessity, she’s a messy eater.  

*She can sleep through the noise at Starbucks perfectly. My aunt and I have started going to Starbucks every Thursday to relax on the comfy chairs and have some comfy. Couple minutes later and Laila is sound asleep. She loves that place. 

*She enjoys bath time. This worried me because she HATED sponge baths. So, I became terrified that she wouldn’t enjoy taking a bath with Justin or I. Turns out I was wrong. She loves it. And not only is it relaxing for her, it’s relaxing for Justin and I as well and it’s a great way for us to bond with her.

*She loves the sound of running water, the bathroom fan and “shhh”

*She hates tummy time while on the floor but will do a fantastic joy while lying on someone’s chest.

* Her face turns BRIGHT red when she’s trying to poop. She’ll usually let you know she’s all done when she starts crying because she doesn’t want to deal with the smell. Ahaha.

*If she starts to fuss within a couple minutes of laying her in her pnp she is not ready for bed. 

*She hates diaper changes. It does not matter if the wipes are warm or cold, she just hates it. 

*When she gets hiccups, you better have the gripe water ready. It works 80% of the time. Otherwise, she just cries and cries. 

*She smiles all the time. Even when she’s farting.

*She chews on her hands now. She used to only do this when she was hungry. Now she does it for fun. 

*She prefers Justin to put her to bed. Which I don’t mind at all, I actually love this. 

*She is not a fan of diaper changes. And it doesn’t matter if the wipes are warm or cold.

*She isn’t a big fan of being swaddled. Sometimes, she just cries more and more if you do swaddle her. At times she doesn’t mind, though. 

*She’s becoming more vocal besides crying. 

*She loves her mam pacifier. 

*She prefers to sleep next to Justin or I in bed rather than all alone in her pnp. I love this as well. 

*She enjoys staring at lights or anything bright. It’ll help calm her down. 

*Never rush to change her poppy diaper. Sometimes, she is finished doing her business and now you have 2 wasted diapers instead of 1. Wasting diapers is a NO-NO!

*She hates being buckled into her car seat but once you pick her up, she calms down...most of the time.

*She hates being in rooms all by herself. She needs to know that you're there with her.  

I don't know if you can tell BUT she has her pointer finger up for "one" :]


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Skye said...

You're right - Taking a bath with the baby really is a bonding experience. My husband & I both love taking a bath with our daughter Julianna. She loves it too! :)