Dec 2, 2010

SHE'S HERE!! Labor & Delivery

My due date was quickly approaching and every time I went into the doctors office I was told the same thing, "you're still not dilated." I was thinking that I was never going to have this baby. She just didn't want to come out. But when I went in for my appointment on Monday November 29th my blood pressure was high once again (140 something/96) Laila was still doing awesome in my belly! When it was time to see my Dr. she just kind of looked at me and asked if I wanted to try the induction again. This time with only 3 doses of cytotec and then pitocin. IF neither of those worked, then it was a c-section. I said OK. I just wanted Laila out and I was desperately hoping that this time she would be make her lovely entrance into the world.

I left my appointment to head home and pack our bags. I called Justin who was at work and told him to just meet me at the hospital when he was finished. I didn't want him to leave work and waste his sick time when I could just go in by myself while they start the process. Plus he only had a couple hours of work left. No harm. 

I arrived around the hospital around 2 (took my time once again) checked in and was taken up to my room. The SAME room that I was in for my first induction. I was hoping that didn't mean I would have the same outcome. This time I WAS leaving with an outside baby. No doubt about that. 

Once in my room my awesome nurse Doreen got me settled and changed into a gown. She called in lab for when my IV was put in. My IV insertion didn't go the greatest though. Doreen couldn't find the correct spot in my vein. So, after two tries, the IV was inserted into my arm rather than my hand. Which I actually preferred. I hated having the IV in my hand. It was painful and every time I moved my hand, I would cringe. Arm, not at all. Much better!

Once placed, I was given my fluids and by the time it was 3 I was given my first dose of Cytotec. Justin showed up and brought the rest of the items in from my car. Hospital beds can be so much more comfortable with your own pillow and blanket. Once I was able to get up, Justin and I did some walking and playing with a puzzle. 

By the time it was 6, it was time for my next dose. Justin and I relaxed until my next dose at 9. 

My first 2 doses didn't dilate me but they did give me some contractions. Nothing that was painful. But my dose at 9, really started hitting me hard. Justin and I tried to sleep. We both didn't get any sleep. It was around 10:15 when the contractions because freaking painful. There was nothing I could do about it though. I couldn't get the epidural until later on, so my whole body would curl in a ball and shake through each contraction. I was miserable. I sent Justin home at some point because he was starving. I just made him promise to be back my 1 am because that is when I was suppose to start the Pitocin.

Justin came back and my nurse came in around 1 am (November 30th) I asked to get SOMETHING, anything, for some relief. She called Dr. Jayne and asked what would be best to give me. They decided on Stadol through the IV as well as in the butt. The IV was given first and the side effects starting taking effect. I became loopy, cotton mouthed, weak, giggly, the slightest touch made me jump, I was super paranoid. I felt like I was high. Both Shelly and Justin couldn't stop laughing. Even I was laughing at myself. 

Thankfully, the medicine actually helped and I couldn't feel any of my contractions. Justin and I were able to sleep but after 2 hours I awoke to even worse pain!  I called my nurse back in and begged for the epidural. She agreed and called Wendy, the anesthesiologist. The actual procedure wasn't as painful as I thought that it would be. Although, since I was extremely jumpy from the Stadol, I made a huge movement at the moment that I was NOT suppose to. Luckily, nothing was damaged and everything went extremely well. All I had to do was wait for it to kick it. One thing I did learn was that the epidural was actually two parts. So I was still able to walk around for at least the first 1 or 2. I decided not to and Justin and I hit the beds, once again. 

After the epidural I was given Pitocin that was suppose to be administered at 1 am but got delayed so I could relax and get some sleep with the Stadol. 
Then, 5:35 am I wake up starting to feel my contractions once again. They weren't too painful and I could breathe through them. Then all of a sudden, my water broke in bed! Weirdest feeling EVER!!! I really can't even describe WHAT it felt like. I yelled for my nurse, no answer. Woke Justin up and told him to get Shelly and she confirmed that my water had, in fact, broken!! 

The timing of the rest is pretty blurry since I was all drugged up. I remember getting checked at one point and being 4 cm and then all of the sudden I was 8 cm and her head was LOW! 

I remember being in an incredible amount of pain from the contractions. Not to mention there was so much pressure, I thought I was going to push her out right then and there, which scared the crap out of me because I never received the rest of the epidural. I wanted to puke, all my body would do was shake while I cried and begged for it to go away. 

When I was checked again I was ready to go, she was coming out any minute. Her head was right there. You could see a little amount of it showing. Dr. Jayne was quickly called in while they got the room ready for Laila's arrival.

I asked Katie if she could grab a mirror because everyone seemed so amazed that she was RIGHT there without them or me, needing to do anything. Sure enough, there was her head and I wasn't even pushing. Seeing it just gave me even more motivation but I quickly asked for the mirror to leave the room because I did not want to see my lady bits get completely slaughtered, for what I knew was coming. 

Time to push, Katie and I held one leg while Justin held the other. I gave it everything I had and pushed with all my might! Justin was amazing during this part. He was so encouraging and definitely helped me get through. I moaned and groaned because I could feel my doctor stretching me out so I wouldn't tear or need an episiotomy. But I kept going. And then she was out!!! 

After only 11 minutes of pushing, our daughter, Laila Rayne Martin was born on 11/30/10 at 8:33 am weighing 7 lbs 6 oz 19.5 inches long. 

I bawled my heart out and longed to have her on my chest, to hear her scream and wiggle around. I needed her. I wanted her. She is mine and Justin's. We're completely smitten :] 

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Tasha said...

Congratulations she is beautiful!!!

Short Leg Lucy said...

Oh my gosh I cried. I cry when I read birth stories....She's so insanely beautiful. You're amazing Jess :]